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This Background is an Original of Carol's Place. This Background is an Original of Carol's Place. This Background is an Original of Carol's Place.
*Here are several of my personal logos to use at your site when you use one of my backgrounds. Please read my simple Rules for using these backgrounds.


The background for this page is:

"Toasting the New Year"  -   76 KB (1367 X 735)

click this link to go to the page where you will also find some buttons & bars you may use.

The border backgrounds below are all resized to fit on this page.  Please click on the image to go to a full page to view as they were meant to be.




Below, you will find some New Year's backgrounds that are free for you to use on your pages.  Please go to the rules page to find out how.  Each of the backgrounds is a border that has been resized to fit on this page.  The actual dimensions are listed below the images and should fill the entire viewing area of many computers.  You may click on an image and will be taken to a page where you can see what the background will look like.  You will also find buttons & bars compatible with the background that you may use as well.



      "New Years Crowd" - 50 KB (1499 x 181)



      "Purple New Years Celebration" - 44 KB (1482 x 167)



      "Year of the Dragon" - 72 KB (1388 x 248)



      "Top Hat New Year" - 45 KB (1326 x 173)



      "Top Hat2012, Red" - 85 KB (1326 x 175)



     "Top Hat2012, Blue" - 87 KB (1328 x 172)



     "New Year Party, Blue" - 25 KB (1347 x 105)



Fast tip:  It's all about pixels when it come to backgrounds.   That's why text is sometimes obscured by ill placed backgrounds in a repeating border.  If you have an image editor of some kind and take some time, you may be able to adjust border backgrounds to exactly fit your pages.  Just remember that resolution also plays a big part in what you and others will see.  My trick is to do the work on the 1024X768 setting, because the 640X480 and 800X600 will cut out the remainder of the right hand image when it displays the background.  If you build your pages on either of these two settings then viewers coming in at 1024X768 won't be seeing your pages as you intended them to be viewed.

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This Background is an Original of Carol's Place.
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