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Please pray for the victims... for the living as well as the dead...  Pray for the family's of those who died... that they can come to deal with their tragic loss and work in constructive ways to assure that nothing like this will ever happen again in our country.

Accomplishing this would be a  lasting memorial tribute to their loved ones.  And would lend a dignity to their deaths in the wake of the thoughtless and lawless conditions under which these blessed souls perished.

Pray for help and healing for all the dozens of affected communities on the Gulf Coast and for every community which was visited by Katrina's vicious wrath.  Give people the courage to go on, while quickly helping them to rebuild their homes and their lives.

Pray that our leaders will work diligently to find more successful ways to help the displaced and all who suffered in this tragic event. Guide the hands of our leaders to find new and innovative solutions that will offer better safety to citizens and property in future years.  For this time of re-building is a prime opportunity to make the necessary changes from the ground up.

Most of all... please pray that ALL will learn from the mistakes made during and following Katrina... and that such an event will never happen again in our United States (to such tragic consequences) because of the hard lessons which were learned about planning for and responding to future hurricanes.

Protect those who have been sent into the area to assist in rescue and cleanup operations.   Put your shield of protection around those who have been charged with securing the safety of those still in the areas where lawless thugs have been trying to bend this tragedy to their selfish and hateful desires.

God Bless all those who have used their time and their talent and their resources to aid the people of the areas affected by Katrina.  Give them the strength and the courage necessary to continue their massive, long term commitment on behalf of the regions' citizens.

Also bless those generous communities all over the country, who have responded to the dire need of the countless victims and offered shelter and care for them until they can again take up their lives on their own.


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If your heart aches, as mine does, for the plight of the displaced residents trying to start the next chapters of their lives...
There is a way you can help.

And REMEMBER please that many thousands are still struggling with the economic and social problems EVEN AFTER A WHOLE YEAR HAS PASSED.  Please HELP IF YOU CAN. 

Contact one of these organizations and tell them you want the funds to go to Katrina Relief.
either in your local area, on the internet, or at the toll-free telephone number listed

Catholic Charities
1-(800) 919-9338

Salvation Army
1-(800) 725-2769

American Red Cross
1-(800) 435-7669

Heart to Heart International

Episcopal Relief and Development
1-(800) 334-7626, ext. 5129

United Jewish Communities
mail donations to
P.O.Box 30, Old Chelsea Station
New York, NY 10113
Mark donations to: UJC Hurricane Katrina Disaster Relief


A Word of Caution - before you give....


  There are also many worthy local or regional appeals that could be considered.  However, please check the credentials of organizations very carefully before giving money (either by cash or credit card).

  Unfortunately, there are some scam artists or con men and women that will take this tragedy and turn it to their own greedy ends.  Before you donate money or goods, such as food, clothing, toys or household items, be sure that your generosity will actually get to those in need.

  One way of doing so, is to contact the organization yourself -- rather than just responding to an appeal over the phone or by someone knocking on your door.  Unless you know and trust that person, it would be better to tell the caller that you have already donated through another organization.  Then call one of the agencies listed above... or donate through your own church.


NEVER (EVER) give cash money OR your credit card number to a stranger!!




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