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I thought you should meet Miz Ruby Nell (a Sternsy Bear) and Grizzy in the ovals above. Grizzy is a wonderful bear from Celia's Teddies.

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Meet a few of the Teddies from my Hug.....



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    Here is a picture of one of my very favorite teddies.  She is designed and all completely hand made by Debbie Madden of Those D.A.M. Bears.  Her name is Nattie and she won a ribbon in her category at the 1996 Bill Boyd's Teddy Bear Jubilee held in Overland Park, Kansas.
   This Little fellow is Henry Hank.  I fell in love with his decidedly yellow-gold distressed mohair and soulful expression.  He is another one-of-a-kind designed by Debbie Madden of Those D.A.M. Bears. HHsmall.jpg (10185 bytes)



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        Meet "The Piper" from Clan McNab designed and hand-made by Betty Hayenga.  Her attention to detail is remarkable and he was ordered as a surprise for my husband, whose genealogy includes some McNab ancestors.
           "Grayson" came to live with me several years ago, when I became the lucky winning bidder at a very special month long display and charity auction event staged at Christmas time in the Kansas City Toy and Miniature Museum.  Bill Boyd amassed an impressive array of noted artists, including Bev Wright of The Wright Bear who sent #143 of an edition of 300.  I was his winner.   Isn't he loveable?
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        Let me introduce you to Christopher.   He is an original, handmade by The Bear Lady.  Monty and Joe Sours have been making bears for over ten years.  I was lucky enough to meet them through the Mo-Kan Teddy Bear Society.  Over the years, I have collected a few more of their bears, but Chris was the first.
         Here's Michael.  By now, you may be able to recognize the face of a Debbie Madden original.  Yes, he is another of Those D.A.M. Bears!  I TOLD YOU SHE WAS MY FAVORITE ARTIST.......
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