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       Well here are a few more of the little furries that I share my home with.  They are fun to hang out with and always make me smile.  The distinguished gentleman above is Cameron.  Made by Debbie of Those D.A.M. Bears.

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Meet a few more of the Teddies from my Hug.....



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  This is Hank.  He is designed and  made by Carol Pierce and I first met him (and his creator) in Houston, Texas. He is the original prototype for a limited edition that she did.  He even has a little bit of thread hanging from his back, where he was closed.   Carol had just finished him for the catalog in time to take his picture.  She saw Hank's effect on me and when I told her I definitely wanted to order him, she said she would sell me the "REAL DEAL".  I was thrilled.  She didn't even have his tags printed yet, so she mailed them to me later.  What a NICE Artist!  I found out that day, while we visited, that she grew up and went to school in the Kansas City area.


   Jeanette Demanovich is a most talented artist and she is also one of the nicest people in the business of teddy bear design.  I found this little darling at a Jubilee several years ago.   She has specially designed, jointed knees but, of course, her pretty face is what made me decide on this particular one.  Jeanette has so many beautiful bears and they always have such sweet faces.
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         "Buttons" is by California Artist, Serieta Harrell.  I was a fairly new collector when I found him in a really nice toy store in Estes Park, Colorado back in the '80s.  I adore his big feet and the little off-white 'vest' of lighter fur which is in-set into his front.  He also has one of the most endearing faces in my collection.
            l have a collection of panda style bears.   This one by Janet Reeves is one of my favorites.  What could I say about Janet Reeves that hasn't already been said, somewhere, sometime.  She is a marvelous artist and an enduring one.  People all over the world have collected her great teddies.
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        Let me introduce you to a different style of panda.   Made by Dennis Shaw, he is just so neat.   Dennis Shaw's teddies are always a little different than most other makers.  He must look for the unique or unusual way to present his bear when he begins a new design, and it shows.  No one else that I've found, translates the unusual  so well.

     Here's Buster, designed and hand made by one of Kansas City's talented artists----Sandi Russell.  I met Sandi at the second Jubilee before she was making teddy bears (at least for the market.)  Sandi gave a fabulously visual program about putting tiny teddies into shadow box display scenes.  She was associated, at that time, with the Kansas City Toy and Miniature Museum.  What a great place that must be to work!   These intricate and extremely detailed little artwork scenes are endlessly fascinating and take many, many hours to build.  A few years later, she began to make teddy bears and took a table at the annual Jubilee to sell them. She has been busy at it ever since.  I love her bears and have several of them.


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