lotsabears.jpg (29513 bytes) The Bears in My Hug

Here are some of the Teddies just hanging out.  The one in the foreground is Rudy by local Kansas City area Artist, Donna Calvert of Calibears.  He's 'guarding' my front entry hall.  Doesn't he look vigilant?  Always keeping his eyes on the door.  I tried to get him to look at the camera for his picture, but he knows what his job is and wouldn't even glance over at me!


trufflesbear.jpg (15327 bytes)        Truffles is by Peggy Fleming.  He was the special Convention souvenir for the 1998 Teddy Bear Jubilee.  Made of chocolate colored mohair with a yummy butterscotch bow, he came in his own confectioners box.  What a sweet little fellow he is.  Peggy is such a lovely person and does many wonderful bears, specializing in miniature ones.  I met her at one of the first Jubilees and she comes back 'most every year. 


        This little guy is personality plus.  I found him about four years ago at the Teddy Bear Jubilee.  As you can see from the picture, his face is wonderfully sculpted and some of the detailing is done with an air-brush, I'm sure.  However, I will have to admit that he is MY MYSTERY BEAR.  For some reason, he came without tags or I put them away (?) and he isn't marked in any way.  The artist was a woman from somewhere in the northwestern United States---Washington State, I think.  But I am stumped as to her name or any other details.  I do know that every one of her bears was a true work of art and one reason I chose this particular one was his incomparable smile but the other reason was that he was (barely) in my budget.  Once in a while, you just have to splurge.  If you recognize the work of this Artist, I sure wish you would let me know, as I really want to be able to identify his maker. facebear.jpg (17735 bytes)









         Zucker Bears are so fun and have such cute faces.  I have always admired them and coveted the ones for sale at Cheri's Bear Essentials.  One lucky evening I stood in line for Cheri's annual Midnight Madness Sale and, peeking through the window, saw this little fellow on one of the tables inside.   He was kind of hidden from view but since I had seen him before I recognized him.   When those doors swung open at 8 PM, I made a bee line for that table and He (I distinctly remember) leaped into my arms!  Well, anyway, that's the way I remember it happening..... zuckerbear.jpg (15657 bytes)


farmerjoesmall.jpg (18064 bytes)          Farmer Joe is by Terry Hayes of Pendletons Teddy Bears.  He is a very detailed miniature only 5 inches tall.  His accessories include a basket of eggs, garden tools and carrots from his garden tucked into the top of his overalls and in his back pocket.   He is a real little charmer.










trishsm.jpg (20292 bytes)        Grandma Lynn Lumley has been making some of the most enchanting little teddy bears around for quite a few years.  We are lucky enough to have her at the Teddy Bear Jubilee, here in Kansas City, nearly every year.  I found Trish on her table in 1991 and instantly fell head over heels in love.  Trish is a one-of-a-kind made from German plush named for a little girl whose story Grandma Lynn recounted to me.  The roses on her hair ribbon and dress front are hand formed porcelain and she holds a Kewpie doll in her arm.   Even the Kewpie has a teeny rose on it's collar.  Isn't Trish just a Tiny Little Love.


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