The Bears in My Hug....It's been quite a while since I did any pictures of bears from my collection.  Here are a few more posted November 4, 2001.


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If you recognize the artist of this teddy,
  would you please email me.

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This is Madame.  I have mislaid her tags so can't remember who made her.  She has wonderful and unique paw and foot pads.  I got her in Kansas City at the Jubilee about 10 years ago.  The artist was from Louisiana (I think).  Madame is ALWAYS invited to the teddy bear teas sponsored by Miss Trudy and Abigail.  She is, after all, so tres chic.


Genie Buttia made this sweet faced bear who came with her own laundry basket filled with folded clothes, an iron and plastic clothes pins.  Madge is a hard worker and much in demand by the ladies here in the hug.  It is so hard to get good help now days, you know. (She even has a little hankie in the pocket of her apron to wipe her sweaty brow)
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This little Wizard by Peggy Fleming dates from 1992.  He was my first by Peggy, but certainly not the last.  I just seem to love her style.  He is only  three inches tall (even with that tall hat).

He pre-dated the Harry Potter books by a few years (at least from when I read them.)   However, he is now called "Beary Potter" in honor of this great series!

Cody is the creation of Maria Johanson.  He is a finely made little miniature only 3 1/4 inches tall(2 1/4" sitting) and is personality plus!  It's always wonderful to find a new artist.  (New to me that is)   Cody came to me from eBay's auction for America and the September 11 Fund.
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The Bear Lady, Monty Sour, made this fine little miniature jester.   He not only has great personality and wonderful colors in his clothing, which is part of his body, but even better, he is heavily weighted for his size and stands firmly on his specially designed, perfectly flat feet.  It makes it a snap to display him.
Peggy Fleming made this fine little lady named Chloe.  She stands in at about 2 1/2 inches and sports the very distinctive nose of most of Peggy's early bears.   She also has a lovely pink ultra suede jeweled collar, which is just the right touch for such a petite little miss.
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Finally, Here is a charming Little Hula Girl by Arlene Damisch.  She is even cuter than her picture.  Her flowered lei has pink blossoms all the way around and she has a tiny leather nose that didn't really show up very well.  She also has a well defined snout and a tail.  All together, a tiny little charmer.
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