The Bears in My Hug....Meet some more of the bears from my collection.  Pictures posted November 14, 2001.

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Let me introduce Samuel.  He is a creation of Carrie Rice who lives up in Washington state.  Just 3.5 inches tall, you can just tell he is full of mischief. 
Mary Kay Lee from Colorado makes bears that are really BIG and then, also makes some really cute miniatures.  This is the little purse bear.  She is so small that she came inside a small cloth coin purse.  She soon found a tiny "friend" that is crocheted by a crafter from Alaska.  These two have hung out together ever since.
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Diane West from Oklahoma makes some of the most appealing miniatures that I just love.  I found her at the Teddy Bear Jubilee and over several years added quite a nice little selection of her charmers to my collection.  Santa and his Elf are but two.  I'll eventually get around to photographing more of them.  I just love their little faces and the detail that goes into them.
Betty Suarez (also from Oklahoma) is a friendly and wonderfully talented artist.  She makes bears of all sizes and I've collected several over the years.  This little traditional fellow is only 3 inches tall.  Isn't he cute?  Looking much like the old fashioned teddies. suarez.jpg (8183 bytes)


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Lisa is a little "handfull" by Lou Ann Hendershot of the Von Hayderschatt Collection. Standing at just about 5 1/2 inches, she is just a sweet little miss.  I got her at the very first Jubilee I attended and still smile when I hold her


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