My Christmas Angel Bear....December 24, 2001

was such a surprise!  Debbie isn't making teddy bears any more, at least not right now.  She is too busy now that she is in college, and serving the time-consuming position of Editor in Chief on the campus newspaper.  Plus volunteering service hours with her Kappa Tau Society and keeping up with her three kids and their busy schedules of school and extra-curricular activities.  She's a good cook and an avid reader.  I don't know where she finds the time to do all that she is doing now.  So, bear-making just kind of lost out in the last few years.  That was what I "thought" until I opened the big box with my name on it on Christmas Eve!

Nestled in the tissue paper was my beautiful Angel Teddy Bear!  I am so excited!  Thank you Debbie!  You are still my very favorite artist.  But that's just one of your talents that makes me such a proud Mom.

angelhead3smler.jpg (19656 bytes) angel3smlerb.jpg (29276 bytes) angelbackdetail.jpg (28652 bytes)

detail even extends to this beading on the ends of the Angel wings which is done in vintage glass beads. (Of course, DAM is Debbie's initials and also part of her marketing name:  Those D.A.M. Bears)

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