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By Carol's Place Background Graphics

          Here is a series of Angel Border Backgrounds based on an image I found while researching my  'Angel's All Around Us' Page.  They are all the same Angel--but just in different colors.  They are all very wide graphics and should fill most pages from side to side, but I resized them to fit within the page parameters.  To copy one of them, hold the mouse pointer over the color you want, right click and copy to your hard drive  by highlighting "save image as.."  Compatible lines, buttons and bars are also offered for your use.  Please copy them in the same way.

         *If you take some of these images to use on your pages, please read and follow the simple Rules for usage and also copy one of the logos for Carol's Place Graphics just below.

         If You will let me know you are using them, I would be happy to add your Site address on the GraphicFriends Page.

Thanks,   Carol



angelcolbglogo6.jpg (5782 bytes) angelcolbglogo4.jpg (7666 bytes) angelcolbglogo3.gif (5403 bytes)


angellineoutpurp95.gif (12967 bytes)



angelbeautiSAMPLE.jpg (26383 bytes)



Lavender Angel Border - 14 KB

angelbeautilavbg2.jpg (11265 bytes)

Blue Angel Border - 14 KB angellineblue95.gif (15177 bytes)

angelbeautibluebg2.jpg (11217 bytes)

Green Angel Border - 12 KB angellinegreen95.gif (13527 bytes)

angelbeautigreenbg2.jpg (9439 bytes)

Pale Green Angel Border - 13 KB angellinegreenlite95.gif (14859 bytes)

angelbeautipalegreenbg2.jpg (10610 bytes)

Yellow Angel Border - 12 KB  angellineyellow95.gif (12163 bytes)

angelbeautipaleyellowbg2.jpg (9771 bytes)

Peach Angel Border - 14 KB angellinepeach95.gif (12486 bytes)

angelbeautipeachbg2.jpg (12129 bytes)

Rose Angel Border - 13 KB  angellinerose95.gif (12376 bytes)

angelbeautirosebg2.jpg (10633 bytes)

Beige Angel Border - 13 KB  angellineoutpink95.gif (13610 bytes)

angelbeautisepiabg2.jpg (10543 bytes)

Sepia Angel Border - 11 KB  angellinebrownembs95.gif (13761 bytes)

angelbeautidkrsepiabg2.jpg (8707 bytes)



Complimentary Lines, Buttons and Bars


angellinemulti95.gif (14031 bytes)



angelmultiback.gif (2770 bytes)


angelmultihome.gif (3500 bytes) angelmultinext.gif (2756 bytes)

angelmultismblank.gif (2623 bytes)


angelmultilgblank.gif (3249 bytes)

angellinepink95.gif (11797 bytes)



angelmultiback.jpg (3139 bytes)


angelmultihome.jpg (3541 bytes) angelmultinext.jpg (3052 bytes)



angelmultiblank.jpg (2423 bytes)

angellinegrey95.gif (12995 bytes)



angelnutralback.jpg (4168 bytes)


angelnutralhome.jpg (4445 bytes) angelnutralnext.jpg (4002 bytes)

angelnutralblank.jpg (3286 bytes)



angelnutralblnkrt.jpg (3369 bytes)


The neutral color buttons above were devised to be colorized by a program such as Front Page Image Editor with the 'Dye' or 'Color Bound' feature.  I suggest making several "copies" and then doing some experimenting with different colors or combos of color on color to achieve compatible matches with the background of your choice. (Hint:  Always leave one button the original neutral color so you can easily make more copies if your first experiments don't work out the way you planned.)  email me with questions and I'll try to help, if I can.

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