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And the winner was......ME !!!


An incredible idea was born in the days following the terrorist attacks in New York City and Washington D.C. and the crash of the hijacked plane in Pennsylvania.  Teddy Bear Artists from all over the World, generous and goodhearted people, came together (numbering over 260) to donate beautiful examples of their artistic craft to be auctioned off as a benefit for the American Red Cross.  Many of the artists agreed to ship their creations worldwide at their own expense.  100% of the proceeds will be used to provide assistance to the survivors of the innocent victims of this disaster.

As soon as collectors heard the news they began to flock to the Bear Relief site.  By the time that the Auction began on November 6, 2001, hundreds and hundreds of enthusiastic Collectors has begun to choose their favorites and the bidding was brisk through out the week.  At the end of each auction, there was the usual flurry of last minute jockeying and then the  winners began to celebrate their incredible luck.  It was a heartwarming experience to see all the good that these people accomplished.  And the Teddy Bear collectors were lucky to have such charming additions for their Hugs.  But best of all is the thousands of dollars which was raised for this cause.  All because of the idea of some caring Teddy Bear Artists!



Now, let me introduce you to my own little Hug of Bears from the Bear Relief Auction.
***These pictures are only temporary until I can take my own to share with you.  The pictures below are the property of the Artists who created and donated these bears.  Please do not use these pictures without receiving specific written permission from the individual Artists.  Contact information is available by clicking the Artist's name, below the pictures.***


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Antoine by Odile of minimonde

Antoine by Minimonde Size 8 cm Made in mini mohair, his color is dark red, and he has glass eyes. He is fully jointed.


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Griseldis by Stefanie Hamm -

Griseldis by Stefanie Hamm 8 cm/3.2'' Grey-violet cashmere. Hand dyed with elder berries. Paws made of beige suedine, violet stiched and waxed nose, glass eyes, 5 joints. Stuffed with steelshot and sheep's wool. Griseldis wears a silk skirt with rope suspenders. She is a one-of-a-kind. She stands free. Stefanie writes:  "I started to sew Griseldis on the 11th of September just before the tragedy happened... So I decided to donate her." This little bear comes with her own birth certificate.



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Hurdle by Noreen - Tatty Ted

Hurdle by Noreen Rozwadowski Size 5 1/2" He is made out of mohair, has glass eyes and his waistcoat is hand painted silk



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The Three Graces by Sandra Bolton- A Bit of My Heart Bears

'The Three Graces' - Faith, Hope and Charity by Sandra Bolton Size 5 1/4" standing They are made from a very soft fabric called Velboa, each bear has onyx bead eyes, and is filled with orlon and glass beads, they are all hand sewn. Each bear wears a sterling silver charm on a silver tone chain denoting one of the three graces. The cross is for Faith, the anchor for Hope, and the heart for Charity. They each wear a silk bow attached to their ear, and have hand applied detailing to their cheeks and inner ears.



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Jasper by Beth Sorcigli -  BearSmithy

Jasper by Beth Sorcigli Size 8" This little guy is a hand glove! Hours of fun! He is made from synthetic fabric and cotton felt.


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PAT by Bernadette Sullivan - Bernie Bears

"PAT" (short for patriotic) by Bernadette Sullivan Size 2-1/2" from head to bottom of heart This little bear is a pin made out of 1/4" miniature golden mohair snipped down a bit. He has very tiny onxy bead eyes, hand stitched nose, lovingly stuffed with polyfill. Pat has joints in his neck and arms. He is hanging over his patriotic heart which is made of vintage velvet. Each stripe has been hand sewn together, the stars were hand stitched and are also in the shape of a heart. This little bear-pin is one of a kind!


smalljohnny.jpg (10428 bytes)

Patriotic Johnny by Linda Johnson -
Beardeaux Bears

"Patriotic Johnny" by Linda Johnson Size 3 1/4" He is a reproduction of an early American bear, so he is worn and a little crooked looking (this is deliberate!) Made from vintage upholstery fabric, with a copy of a miniature War Poster fabric transfer, as his body front. Vintage dull bead eyes. Fully jointed .Fiberfilled and sand for weight. He wears a vintage silk ribbon with a vintage painted glass button around his neck!



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