The Carousel Parade
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Featuring Teddies and other wonderful Carousel Animals
An Auction at eBay
October 2003

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In the summer of 2003, a talented group of teddy bear artists planned a NEW Parade for us collectors.  This one was based on the Carousel -- a fond childhood memory for most of us.  These talented artists from many points around the globe designed some wonderful, imaginative and beautifully crafted pieces.  I was lucky to be the winner of three auctions and wanted to share my new miniatures with you.


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** The pictures below are the property of the Teddy Bear artists.  Please do not copy these graphics.  If you would like to contact these artists, I have offered contact information with the pictures.
Thank you for not copying these graphics without specific permission from the artists.  It's the Fair Thing to Do.


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And now, without further ado, let me introduce you to my lovely new Carousel Animals:


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Left to right:  L'il Stinker by Jennifer Townsend, Pansy by Rhonda-Lynne Lanctôt and Zigfreid and Roy by Laura Unrau

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smhorsefront.jpg (26813 bytes) Rhonda-Lynne Lanctôt
Company: Lanctôt's Loveables Teddy Bears
Artist's site:
eBay: Artist's About Me eBay page

Meet Pansy.  She is 3 inches tall not including the base and poll.  The entire piece is approximately 5 1/8".  Pansy is fully jointed, made from upholstery cashmere with hand painted hooves and a perle cotton mane and tail.

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The artist loves horses and even has one of her own.  I think her interest and love has given Pansy even more personality, and I'm so pleased to have a horse for the Carousel.
After all, a Merry-Go-Round really needs it's horses.

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Jennifer Townsend
Company: Bilston Creek Bears
Artist's site:
eBay: Artist's About Me eBay page


L'il Stinker is the most cheerful skunk you are ever likely to meet. Standing only 3 inches tall, he is handmade with German Mohair, and he has a hand sculpted face, hands, and paws, 5 joints, and copper limbs and tail so you can pose him in whatever position you like!!

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I have heard from Jennifer that he got his name not simply because he is a skunk...Oh NO... it's because if there is mischief to get into...this little stinker will be right in the middle of it!
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Laura Unrau
Company: bear-all
Artist's site:
eBay: Artist's About Me eBay page


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Zigfreid is 2.75" long from tail tip to the tip of his speed seeking nose and is made with medium brown sparse mohair. His lil face has been plucked of hair so one can see the quizzical expression in his mini black glass seed bead eyes, and embroidered and waxed nose. All four of his paws have embroidered 'claw' detailing as well. Zigfreid wears a red leather saddle made custom just for him and is attached firmly to his carousel pole. He is stuffed with Fiberfil.

Roy is approximately 1.5" tall and is made with light rust brown vintage rayon, with coordinating ultra suede paw pads (hands) and inner mouth. Yes! He is an open mouth design! Roy is disk jointed at his neck, string jointed at his arms and has non-jointed but wired legs for perfect riding form. He has tiny black glass seed bead eyes highlighted with white to add to his joyous expression and his eyebrows, nose and 'claw' detailing are embroidered with black thread. Roy's arms are also wired and he has thumbs for extra posing and riding capabilities. He's stuffed with Fiberfil and weighted with a steel granules.


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This Carousel parade item is a fun pair of bears! "Roy", the riding bear has found the perfect fit in the saddle of his carousel bear, "Zigfreid" and they're off like a rocket careening around the carousel parade as fast as can be. In fact the faster that Zigfreid goes the happier Roy’s grin gets! ZR3sm.jpg (11959 bytes)
         This Carousel Parade piece is a one-of-a-kind creation, designed, presented and made by Laura Unrau.


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Meet the Bears
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Meet the Bears, Pg 5 Debbie's Christmas gift to me


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