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The Circus Came to Town.....(in August, 2001)


Back in 2001 a group of talented artists planned and administered a Really Great coordinated Auction on eBay.  When it was completed, many lucky winners had several wonderful new mini friends.  This promotion was called the Circus Parade.   Twenty-five talented Teddy Bear Artists crafted some exceptional, marvelously unique bears and other Circus performers for a special Circus Parade.  This week-long event offered many temptations for all of us Mini Teddy collectors.  I was the lucky winner of five auctions.   I have put together a composite of my precious little collectibles and want to share them with you:


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(left to right) The RingMaster by Randy Martin, Toledo, OH
Parade Leader Elephant and handler, Mrs. Jumbo and Sameera by MJ Sichak from New Jersey;
The Lovely Assistant by Nancy McNally from New York;
Hui the Panda by Sheila Yates-Vuu who lives in Lincoln, Nebraska;
and The Strongman by Randy Martin, Toledo, OH


rider3.jpg (9466 bytes)jumbo3.jpg (11333 bytes)mrsjumbo3.jpg (12340 bytes)lovely3.jpg (9796 bytes)panda3.jpg (11207 bytes)


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"Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys and Girls...Direct your attention to the spotlight in the Center Ring where the Ring Master is about to announce the opening acts for........
The Greatest Show on Earth .....

ring.jpg (41326 bytes)


.....and look, here come the clowns....."

I also had many favorites that I didn't win and I have displayed*** some of those pictures to share with you as well:

Many of these Artists have Web Sites where you can see their latest creations.  Several have no web page site, but I have given you their eBay "About Me" page or the URL of their eBay Seller page so you can check to see if they have any auction items available.   I have given you a way to contact them so you can see their artistry for yourself.  Enjoy!



runawaysmler.jpg (5444 bytes)

runaway2smler.jpg (8128 bytes)
Runaway Clown Bear
by Carrie Rice
Mukilteo, WA

Brigitta.jpg (7669 bytes)
Lisa the Circus Performer
by Brigitta Hausdorf
Britt Bears
Cologne Germany
AprilDawn.jpg (6725 bytes)
Little Clown
by April Dawn Miller
Love Bears All Things
Oklahoma City, OK

Unrhu2.jpg (6269 bytes)

Unrhu.jpg (4487 bytes)
Tight Rope Act
by Laura Unrau
Bear All
British Columbia, Canada



mcnally1.jpg (12919 bytes)
Cannonball Sam
by Nancy McNally
CubCakes   (eBay About Me Pg)
New York


mcnally3.jpg (8362 bytes)
Lion Tamer
by Nancy McNally
CubCakes  (eBay About Me Pg)
New York
mcnally2.jpg (13388 bytes)
Caramel Clown
by Nancy McNally
CubCakes  (eBay About Me Pg)
New York


syatesvuu1sm.jpg (9278 bytes)
Ping-Ping & Ling-Ling
Colorful Clown Pandas
by Sheila Yates-Vuu
Wee Creations by Sheila
Lincoln, Nebraska



rmartin1sm.jpg (5547 bytes)
Clown Penguin
by Randy Martin
Brother's Bears ™
Toledo, Ohio
MJcub.jpg (11117 bytes)
Bruno the bear cub
by MJ Sichak
Just Another M J Bear
New Jersey


berniebsm.jpg (4775 bytes) berniebear2d.jpg (18301 bytes) bsul4small.jpg (6660 bytes)
Mini Bear and Tonka the Elephant
by Bernadette Sullivan
Bernie Bears (eBay Pg Link)
New York



berniebear1csm.jpg (5627 bytes) berniebear1sm.jpg (7776 bytes) berniebearsm.jpg (6269 bytes)
Clown Bear and Cecil the Seal
by Bernadette Sullivan
Bernie Bears (eBay Pg Link)
New York

lytle2sm.jpg (8155 bytes)
Pea-Nutz the elephant
by Shawna Lytle
Bay City, Michigan



stafford2sm.jpg (5379 bytes) bstafford13.jpg (5233 bytes)
Painted face mini clown
and His Invisible Dog
by Bonnie Stafford
Danielynne Bears
Ontario, Canada

sperl1.jpg (5776 bytes) sperl3.jpg (5080 bytes) sperl4.jpg (4274 bytes)
Giraffe and Rider
by Cherl Sperl
Little Bits and Bears
Bakersfield, CA
alvarado1.jpg (5843 bytes)
Magnetic Clown
by Stacey Alvarado
Her Bears are only sold through E-bay
Seattle WA

alvaradobear.jpg (6964 bytes)
Multilegged Freak
by Stacey Alvarado
Her Bears are only sold through E-bay
Seattle, WA



bernsul.jpg (3228 bytes)
Mini Panda Clown
by Bernadette Sullivan
Bernie Bears (eBay Pg Link)
New York


cruzen.jpg (5712 bytes)
Baby Gertie and Chimp Pal
by Ann Cruzen
beedznbears (eBay Pg Link)
Portland, OR

empress2.jpg (11361 bytes)
Lead White Pony
by Rhonda-Lynne Lanctot
Lanctot's Loveables Teddy Bears
Peace River, Alberta, Canada



nettleton3.jpg (27697 bytes)
Charlotte and Her Cheetah
by Cindy Nettleton
Nettleton Bears
Rancho Palos Verdes, CA


townsend.jpg (4143 bytes) jentsmdancer.jpg (6411 bytes)
Trapeze artist and Dancing Bear
by Jen Townsend
Bilston Creek Bears
Victoria, Canada
hoover.jpg (7689 bytes)
Juggling Clown
by Jennifer Hoover
Daisy Bears
Hamilton, ON, Canada
main.jpg (5909 bytes)
Fifi the Wonderdog
by Heather Main
Mainly Bears
Langley, BC, Canada

stafford.jpg (5476 bytes)
Miniature No-No Lion
by Bonnie Stafford
Danielynne Bears
Ontario, Canada


engelhardt.jpg (12726 bytes)
1-7/8" Mini Panda
by Marjorie Engelhardt
Bearmini Bears
Linwood, MI

lytle.jpg (13418 bytes)
Ms. Kaety, the Westie
by Shawna Lytle
Bay City, Michigan



koudelka.jpg (5025 bytes)

koudelka5.jpg (4927 bytes)
Mini Balancing Mouse
by Mindi Koudelka
New Haven CT



werner.jpg (22160 bytes)
Boober the Circus Bear
by Tina Werner
barebelly bears
Brantford, ONT., Canada


ben-smith.jpg (13958 bytes)
Coco The Clown & his Dog Jake and Harriet, the Knife Throwers Assistant
by Vikki Bennett-Smith
(eBay Pg Link)
United Kingdom
pattieangel7.jpg (8596 bytes) angel.jpg (7891 bytes) pattieangel8.jpg (8678 bytes)
Bear and bareback Rider
by Pattie Angel
(eBay Pg Link)
Tacoma, WA



snackstandlarge.jpg (27534 bytes)
The Circus Snack Stand
by Nancy McNally
CubCakes  (eBay About Me Pg)
New York


smpossum.jpg (4544 bytes)

panzarella.jpg (5566 bytes)
Rare White Possum
by Christine Panzarella
Heartfelt Teddies
Buena Park, CA


Okay, I admit I LOVED them all--there were even more items than I have pictured, but I showed at least one item from each of the 25 artists.  Every Artist showed imagination and a sense of fun in what she or he created.  Each and every interpretation was fabulous and I am so glad I got the chance to see them and to participate in this event


***Note:  I am able to have these pictures displayed on my page thanks to the generosity of each individual artist.  I was given specific permission for their use on this page, but please read the following statement putting forth the copy rights of the Artists: 


The ownership of each picture remains the property of the Artist under copyright.  I further request that you not copy any of these pictures for individual use, without receiving written permission of the Artist/owner, who you may contact by using the links below their pictures.   The same request is made with regard to the Circus Parade Graphic which was designed by Stacey Alvarado.



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