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The Circus Came to Town.....(in October 2004)


Teddy bear artists from around the globe, spearheaded and inspired by Stacy Alvarado, planned a Great new edition of a Popular Event this fall with another Circus Parade Auction on eBay.  When it was completed, many lucky winners had some wonderful new mini friends to add to their collections.  I was the lucky winner of four auctions from artists in the UK, the Netherlands, Canada and the United States.   I have put together a page of my new little collectibles and want to share them with you:


Down on the Midway... are many wonderful sideshows set up for your viewing pleasure.  One tent is the home of The Magician Extrodinaire.   He always dazzles and confounds the crowds with his famous card tricks.

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"Is this your card, Sir?",
a Circus Parade 2004 miniature bear by artist Anita Ekelo


No Circus would be complete without the ever popular Organ grinder and His little monkey.  Entertaining the boys and girls (and their moms and dads) is the main job of Charlie & Chico and they love their job as much as the crowds love them!

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"Charlie and Chico",
a Circus Parade 2004 miniature bear by artist Janet Desjardine

**Janet Desjardine sells Teddies occasionally on eBay under the name justminibears




...Direct your attention to the spotlight in the Center Ring where the Ring Master is about to announce the opening act for........
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The Greatest Show on Earth .....

"Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys and Girls  ...I give you.... The Great Zara and her fine and amusing trainer ....Sparkles the Clown."

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"Zara and Sparkles the Clown",
a Circus Parade 2004 miniature bear by artist Sue Woodhouse

**Sue Woodhouse sells Teddies occasionally on eBay under the name dream.time


".....and now....look!  Here comes one of the Clowns....."



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"Clowning Around"
a Circus Parade 2004 miniature bear by artist Dotty Dunn

***Dotty Dunn sells Teddies on eBay - this link will send you to her eBay  "About Me" page






*Note:  I am able to have these pictures displayed on my page thanks to the generosity of each individual artist.  I was given specific permission for their use on this page, but please read the following statement putting forth the copy rights of the Artists: 


The ownership of each picture remains the property of the Artist under copyright.  I further request that you not copy any of these pictures for individual use, without receiving written permission of the Artist/owner, who you may contact by using the links below their pictures.   The same request is made with regard to the Circus Parade Graphic which was designed by Stacey Alvarado.


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