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There are Fairies and Elves, Sprites and Pixies and all sorts of Charming creatures that inhabit the world, just out of the sight of most of the humans who live on planet Earth.

Some very privileged people have seen them and recorded their presence in books and paintings so that the rest of us mortals will know who and what dwells just out of our sight.

One such talented person is Cicely Mary Barker.  She lived in England and spent a great deal of her life in solitary pursuits owing to her ill health.  Because she had so much time, she entertained herself by drawing and painting.  Her favorite subjects were the many flowers, plants and trees of her beloved English countryside and her love for and sympathy for these growing things, allowed her to find and record for posterity all the enchanting small beings who make their home in forest and glen, garden and bog and anywhere that provides a little living space and a certain peace and solitude from the hustle/bustle of everyday existence.


Information about the Flower Fairies that I collect can be found by scrolling down the page.  (I left a nice big blank space --in the text-- so you could see the scene displayed for my background.)  The mossy, wooded forest is derived  from a picture that is on The Fairy Door and Window Company site.  All of the Fairy folk are ones from the line of C. M. Barker Flower Fairies (although a couple of them have been 'given' new colorations that exist only in my imagination.)  Also, I should mention that they have been 'resized' to better represent the diverse variety of true little folk. 

Please note, the door and window in the tree are from the creativity of The Fairy Door and Window Company, as are the wood cutting and storage items in the picture. 

I hope you will go visit The Fairy Door and Window Company.  It is an enchanting site.  It is said that installing some of these doors/windows in your yard or house will encourage the Fairy folk to move right in.  What could be better than that?




















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..1.Sycamore  2.Mountain Ash   3.Apple Blossom Baby   4.Black Medick Boy    5.Beech Tree  6.Nightshade   7.Elf   8.Wayfaring Tree   9.Cherry Tree  10.Scilla  11.Red Campion  12.Elm Tree  13.Elder   14.Black Medick Boy(recolored)   15.Elf(recolored)



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Cicely Mary Barker was born in 1895 in Croydon, South London.  She began drawing and painting to entertain herself and became very proficient and skillful in depicting botanical subjects.  Pairing these with the most beautiful creatures that her imagination could dream of, she created drawings and poetry enough to fill several books.  The first was published in 1923 and her fans have kept demand high ever since. 

Recently I discovered Cicely Mary Barker's wonderful Fairy Folk in books.  This led me to the charming line of fairy ornaments that I have 'added' to the forest in my background for this page.  The company which makes these has made every effort to copy the book illustrations and colors of the original work.  The first five Flower Fairies that I purchased were suppose to be ornaments for a three-foot, white Christmas tree that sits on my dining room table every year during the holidays.   This tree has white miniature lights and holds the wonderful fiber optic fairies that Hallmark issued a couple of years ago.  I wanted some additional Fairies to help fill the tree.

However, as soon as I saw how adorable these ornaments were, I was hooked and knew that I was going to need a means of displaying them through out the entire year.   For the present, they have taken over a pyramid shaped wire ornament tree (sold to display fancy glass ornaments).  Since there are several dozen fairies already available and others in C. M. Barker's books that have not made it into the line yet (but I hope they shall), I am still looking for the perfect way to show off my growing collection.


Where can I find out more about Cicely M. Barker,   Flower Fairies or just Fairies in general?

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