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The Flower Fairies heard that Eyebright was having an open house and they wanted to say "hello" (and have fairy cakes and honey mead).  So a whole band of them showed up for a visit at the same time.  The Wayfaring Tree Fairy has a new digital camera and tried to get them all to stand still and look into the camera for a group shot.  Fairies are very independent, so this picture turned out to be the best of the lot.


  • How many fairies are in the picture?
  • How many of the fairies can you name?
  • See if you can find the two that are related.
  • extra credit - In what series was each fairy issued?

check the answers at the bottom of the page





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Recently I was asked to contribute a version of the 'Find a Fairy Game' to the beautiful site at The Fairy Door and Window Company. 

Here is a link to that Page. 

While you are there, be sure to look around at the rest of the site.  For anyone who loves Fairies, it's really a great place to visit.

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sweetpeahandcolored.jpg (32138 bytes) I just tried a little bit of 'pastel hand-coloring' on this image.  I'm kind of surprised that the sweetpea fairies haven't been added to the line of fairy ornaments yet.  They are definitely among my favorites in the books!

But, the most recent additions which will debut in June 2003 are:


  • Blackberry Fairy
  • Fuchsia Flower Fairy
  • Geranium Fairy
  • Windflower Fairy
  • Yarrow Fairy
  • Zinnia Flower Fairy







sweetpeabutton.jpg (2274 bytes)   There are 20 fairies in the picture.


sweetpeabutton.jpg (2274 bytes) Below is a pix/key to name each Fairy

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1. Hawthorn(S6)
2. Nightshade(S6)-(recolored)
3. Sow Thistle(S11)
4. Rosehip(S1)
5. Daisy(S7)
6.Greater Knapweed(S12)
7. Eyebright Fairy(S12)
8. Geranium(S16)
9. Black Medick Girl (S3)
10. Acorn (S6)
11. Tansy (S11)
12. Nightshade(S6)
13. Dandelion (S5)
14. Sloe (S14)
15. Red Clover (S13)
16. Periwinkle (S15)
17. Box Tree(S3)
18. Lime Tree(S7)
19. Tiny Geranium (recolored)
20. Tiny Daisy


sweetpeabutton.jpg (2274 bytes)  Number 2 (who seems to be flirting with the Hawthorn Fairy by ruffling his wings) is related to Number 12 .  He is the Nightshade Fairy.


sweetpeabutton.jpg (2274 bytes)  Extra Credit:  The Series number is listed behind the name in the pix/key list above.



HOW DID YOU DO?  I love 'em and I would have failed the test if I was taking itBUT I'M LEARNING.   And you don't really have to know it all, in order to collect them.  These Fairies are very forgiving.


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