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By Carol's Place Background Graphics


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*Here are several of my personal logos to use at your site when you use one of my backgrounds. Please read my simple Rules for using these backgrounds.


Fontanini Gloria Angels Background Collection

each of these backgrounds is a group of four Angels whose linked banners read :"Gloria in Excelisis Deo" Please use white "FFFFFF" as the background for these backgrounds or some may display different on your site.

Do you like this background but don't see exactly the color you need?  Try this:   copy the grey scale background to your hard drive, then using a program such as Microsoft Image Composer or Paintshop Pro, dye or tint the graphic to achieve the color you want. hint: make extra copies of the grey scale one in case you don't get what you want the first time.

palegreyGLORIABG.jpg (16327 bytes)
Grey scale  - 16 KB


aquaGLORIABG.jpg (16652 bytes)
Aqua - 17 KB



beige2GLORIABG.jpg (16776 bytes)
Beige - 17 KB



brownGLORIABG.jpg (19364 bytes)
Brown - 19 KB



darkblue2GLORIABG.jpg (19969 bytes)
Dark Blue - 20 KB



darkblueGLORIABG.jpg (23607 bytes)
Blue2 - 24 KB



green2GLORIABG.jpg (20853 bytes)
Green - 19 KB



greenGLORIABG.jpg (19304 bytes)
Green2 - 16 KB



lavenderGLORIABG.jpg (14656 bytes)
Lavender - 15 KB



purpleGLORIABG.jpg (22820 bytes)
Purple - 23 KB



verypurpleGLORIABG.jpg (15936 bytes)
Very Purple - 16 KB



red2GLORIABG.jpg (21488 bytes)
Red - 21 KB



redGLORIABG.jpg (15067 bytes)
Red2 - 15 KB



roseGLORIABG.jpg (14311 bytes)
Rose - 14 KB



wedgewoodblueGLORIABG.jpg (14993 bytes)
Wedgewood - 15 KB



yellowGLORIABG.jpg (16246 bytes)
Bright Golden Yellow - 16 KB



beigeGLORIABG.jpg (24674 bytes)
Almost Natural - 25 KB





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