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        *Here are several of my personal logos to use at your site when you use one of my backgrounds. Please read my simple Rules for using these backgrounds.

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          Pastel Lines - 9 KB

A great many different colors can be used for the text.  (You may notice that the space divider line above this table is quite compatible with this background.  Feel free to use it also, if you like it.)

pasteltbg3.jpg (3261 bytes)           Pastel Tile - 4 KB

   Another easy on the eye background.  It makes the text stand out to have contrast.  When I compose a new page, I try a lot of different fonts and colors before making a final choice.  And, even then, I have made changes, if I found something I thought was more effective, later on.

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          Embossed Iris - 34 KB

This subtle background began life as an iris picture that I collected because my Mother-in-Law loves purple so much.  I found the GIF on The Floral Clip Art Site.

IRIS_small.GIF This is what it looked like on their site.


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          Embossed Iris Pale Lavender - 16 KB

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          Embossed Iris Lavender - 17 KB

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          Embossed Iris Milti - 18 KB



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