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By Carol's Place Background Graphics


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Here are several of my personal logos to use at your site when you use one of my backgrounds.


size:  2 KB (all colors are the same file size)

smviodotyellow2bg4.gif (1336 bytes)      Color: Light gold   (The color of the background of this page)

                Hold pointer over the color you wish to copy and right click...."Save file as".....I suggest renaming the file as you transfer it  to your folder, with a name that will identify it when you are ready to use it.  Also, please grab one of my logo icons, as I'd really appreciate being given a credit on your site.  (Don't forget to email me so I can add you to my list of  Graphic Friends using my background images.  Be sure to include your site address, so I can send visitors to your site.)


 rosepinkdotbg4.gif (1337 bytes)     Color:  rose-pink

 smviodotbluebg4.gif (1289 bytes)     Color: pale blue

  whitedotbg4.gif (1072 bytes)    Color: white

 smviodotgraybg4.gif (1418 bytes)     Color:  grey

 smviodotlavendbg4.gif (1415 bytes)     Color: lavender



 aquadotbg4.gif (1412 bytes)       Color:  Aqua

 truebluedotbg4.gif (1563 bytes)      Color:  True blue

 reddotbg4.gif (1885 bytes)       Color:  Red

 greendotbg4.gif (1762 bytes)       Color:  Spring Green

 smviodotpeachbg4.gif (1687 bytes)      Color: peach

An Important formatting note on the above backgrounds:

     I suggest that the bg color (background color) is set as white (#FFFFFF) in the HTML, as you will get some strange effects on some of these backgrounds, if you use another color.


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