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*Here are several of my personal logos to use at your site when you use one of my backgrounds. Please read my simple Rules for using these backgrounds.


An Important formatting note on these backgrounds:

     I suggest that the bg color (background color) be set as white (#FFFFFF) in the HTML, as you may get some strange effects on some of these backgrounds, if you use another color.  **Sample resized for display only.

Click on the graphic below to see a full page display of the background. (Helpful, because the leaves have been "resized" for this display page.)


The "Scattered Leaves" Collection:


1leavedphuntergrnbg.jpg (7066 bytes)


   **Dark Teal Leaves - 7 KB

1leavepeachbg.jpg (15043 bytes)


  **Peach Leaves - 15 KB

1bigleavepurpbg.jpg (12788 bytes)


  **Purple Leaves - 13 KB

1leaverosebg.jpg (20950 bytes)


  **Rose Leaves - 20 KB

         The Size of the Dark Blue Texture Leaves Background is 32 KB. (You may copy and use it by placing mouse over a spot with no writing, right clicking and saving the file to your hard drive with "save as" function.)


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