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            I invite you to look around as much as you want. Feel free to copy any of the background and accessory images to your hard drive for use on your personal web pages. I have very simple rules for their use.

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Rules  The Rules for using these Original Graphic Backgrounds on your site.

General BGs Begin   Background Pages with a variety of themes and styles.

Here's Where the Holiday BGs Are  Here is where the Holiday style backgrounds begin. Currently there are pages for Easter, Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, Christmas, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Independence Day and a new one for Mardi Gras. More will be added soon.

Carol's Place GraphicFriends  Here is a new feature.  I have a list of those Web Page Owners who are using one or more of my newly designed background images on their site.  Go see who's there and THEN GO SEE THEIR PAGES.


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