Teddy Bear Friends

Here are the three "old" bears that live at my house.

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       Meet the crew of older Teddies who have come to live at my house.  It is fairly certain that the little one in front on the right is a Steiff, although he no longer sports his button.   His name is Rockefeller--Rocky for short.   The golden fellow behind Rocky is Danny Boy.  His body type is consistent with bears of American manufacture.  His arms and legs are straight and the feet and paw pads small and rounded.  Ted is the debonair gentleman on the left with the red ribbon.  His snout is fairly long and sharply turned up and his arms are slightly curved.  He has feet that are more the shape of the Steiff bears but I do not know who his maker is.  I discovered him at an auction.  As you can see, much of his mohair is worn nearly away and he was missing both eyes when I found him.   After he came to live with me, I gave him contemporary glass eyes so he could see his new home.  He sometimes wears spectacles as well, though he removed them for this family portrait.


Meet the Bears
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The Christmas Angel Bear More teddies to share coming soon


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