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*Here are several of my personal logos to use at your site when you use one of my backgrounds. Please read my simple Rules for using these backgrounds.


Plaid Background Collection

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   Sage Plaid - 6 KB

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  Taupe Plaid - 6 KB

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  Lavender Plaid - 7 KB

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  Rosy Plaid - 6 KB

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   Purple Plaid - 6 KB

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    Blue Plaid - 5 KB

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    Tan Plaid - 5 KB

cherbd13.jpg (4870 bytes)


    Yellow Plaid - 5 KB

cherbd15dk.jpg (4156 bytes)


   Brick Red Dark - 5 KB

cherbd16Bdk.jpg (4633 bytes)


  Navy Blue Dark - 5 KB

cherbd17Adk.jpg (4446 bytes)


   Forest Green Dark - 5 KB

cherbd13Adk.jpg (4514 bytes)


   Bright Yellow Plaid - 5 KB

cherbd18Cdk.jpg (4496 bytes)


   Deep Purple Plaid - 5 KB

cherbd19Adk.jpg (3259 bytes)


   Rosy Bright - 4 KB

         The Background on this page is:  Blue Weave Plaid - 5KB  (You may copy and use it by placing mouse over a spot with no writing, right clicking and saving the file to your hard drive with "save as" function.)


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