Poetry that Rhymes
                               .......by Carol Abbott, 1999 
Poetry.   Poetry.....Please tell me.....
Why so much that is really good.....
Doesn't rhyme...like I think it should....
In real life....I would go insane.....
If every thought....quite inane.....
Were to flow....from my brain......
Out of my mouth....an unbroken chain
Of Rhyme....All the time.....
Break free.     Let it be....
What it is.     Let it live.......
My thoughts are more.
I'll give them freedom to soar,
And not constrain.....
The outflow from my brain.
Lest it be.....
Too shallow.




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Mixed Vegetables 
.......by Carol Abbott,

carrot1.gif (1390 bytes) I am really fond of carrots.

I enjoy eating canned peas.

Lima Beans are a great favorite.

And corn will always please.

However, put them all together and

it's called "Mixed Vegetables" in a can.

In my estimation, this is an abomination

That really should be banned.



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