A Beautiful Dream
by Carol Abbott© 2001 ©

Drifting down....down to sleep
Thoughts running 'round, so deep, so deep
Tide rolls in, and then back out
What's gonna happen, what's it all about?


Don't know how to turn my thoughts off
Pictures kind of fuzzy and sounds are really soft
Then way far away, I see a golden glow
What's gonna happen, I really want to know.


The Glow is getting brighter, my suspense begins to build
I hear a kind of whirring, the air around me feels quite chilled
Then the glow turns all rainbowed, it's light fills my eyes
What's gonna happen, what a beautiful surprise!


The light is filled with faeries, a swarm of magnitude
Smiles turn to giggles.  Magic really rules!
"Come" They coax me from my bed and I step right out.
What's gonna happen, what's it all about?


Their lovely faerie voices blend in joyous, harmonious song
I'm waft on air currents stirred by thousands of wings  which buffet me along.
The rainbow glow is all around, a lovely fragrance fills the air.
What's gonna happen, what secrets will I share?


The snow white fluff of cotton clouds our merry band slips through
Before my eyes a majestic palace takes on shape.  Am I to meet the one who rules?
Faeries, filled with anticipating excitement, flutter, tittering around my head.
What's gonna happen, what experiences will I tread?


O Beauteous Creature, whose skin glows pearlescent white.
Your being gleams, as though holding forth a light.
In smile, in voice, your happiness shows through.
All are grateful in your presence.   Being near you makes us happy, too.


Faerie Queene, You wave your wand and stars twinkle down.
The faerie choir and orchestra fill the room with tender melodious sound.
The faeries dance and sway in time.  It's such a treat to see.
And now the Faerie Prince floats, arms outstretched, to come and dance with me.


For time untold, I'm caught in the thrall of movement and we dance.
When I went to sleep at the beginning of the night, never did I think to have this chance.
To cavort with this wonderful Faerie Band.
And at the end of the dance, the handsome prince bows and kisses my hand.


Then the dream begins to fade and I'm turned about in my bed,
I think to myself, "This was all just in my head."
Next morning I awake, refreshed and peaceful of heart.
I rise feeling well rested and drift to the mirror, my toilet to start.

I reach to take up my brush to smooth my tangled hair,
catch sight of myself in the mirror and am arrested as I stand there.
There is a glow about me, my skin gleams pearly white,
a blush of roses caresses my cheeks in color both subtle and bright,
my hair is spun from sun beams, my eyes shine blue as glass.
In the night, the kiss of the Faerie Prince has turned me to a Fey  Lass.



~*~ ~*~ ~~*~~ ~*~ ~*~



amybanner.jpg (25605 bytes)

Amy Brown does the most beautiful Fantasy Artwork!  My daughter Kimberly told me about her creations and I've been enchanted ever since.  I hope you will take the time to visit her site by clicking on the image above.  I'm sure you will end up spending hours there, just as I did.  For each of her images is intricately done, with exquisite detail.  Her lovely art inspired my poem and is sure to fire your imagination as well.  Thank you, Amy!

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