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      I'm a collector and a "Big Fan" of Teddy Bears.  I have put together some pages of Teddy information plus I have hardly "scratched the surface" when it comes to sharing pictures of my collection.  Stay tuned........


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--The Circus Parade came to town (and to the eBay Auction).  All I can say is: "WOW!!"  Take a look.


-- The Carousel Parade Auction  -  HERE are the mini creations that I won!


--The 2004 Circus Parade - four perfect additions to My Circus Parade!


PAGE  Teddy Pg 2 --Teddy Bears I Have Loved  - A little general teddy information.


PAGE  Teddy Pg 3


--The Care and Feeding of the Antique Teddy - How to clean an old bear.
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--Making a Teddy Bear -  Some hints for getting started.
PAGE  Teddy Pg 5 --What's My Old Bear Worth? - Finding out the value of the Antique Teddy.


PAGE  Teddy Pg 6
--Meet Some of the Hug - pictures and a brief description of some of my bears.  NOW FIVE PAGES!

--The Teddies from Bear Relief - I was the lucky winner of several new bears.  See them HERE!

--My Christmas Angel Teddy...a special gift from my daughter, Debbie.   What a Surprise!

--Carol's Three (very Special) Bears  - The "Elder Statesmen" of my Hug

--Carousel Parade Auction  -  HERE are the mini creations that I won!


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--"The Bear Affair".....fiction by Carol Abbott
I have written the story of how Miss Abigail met and fell in love with that handsome bruin Joseph.  It's a Harlequin Romance for Bears.  And will make your lil' heart go pitty pat.

The Lovely Abigail Brave(and Handsome)Joseph

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--I made some very Romantic Backgrounds featuring Nattie in her Picture Hat.  Come Check them out.


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This was an Awsome Auction Experience!  I hope you got to participate.

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Meet my "New Teddies" .... Follow this link.

Nov. 24, 2001 - The auctions are all complete now.  I hope you won a bear (or 2 or 3...~smile~) that you will love and cherish in the years to come.   Remember that all the money will be going to benefit the children.  Many, many of the artists have not only donated one or more charming bears but a lot of them offeredFREE shipping as well!  Teddy bear people are among the most generous folks in the world!

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P.S.  I won some wonderful teddies from France, Germany, Australia, New Zealand and the United States.  I will introduce you to them just as soon as I can but I know I'll have to be patient.   After all some of them are traveling half way around the world to their new homes.

(Oh dear, I hope Griseldis and Antoine can speak a little bit of English so that they can get acquainted with the Hug!  Well, I know that I have a German speaking bear so Griseldis will feel right at home.  Teddie Ka-d-vie came from a famous department store in Berlin, picked out by a dear friend on her dream trip to Germany and shipped to me in the U.S., so he can help with translations for Griseldis.   As for Antoine, well Abby (see the story "A Bear Affair" in the list above) is fluent in all the Romance Languages and traveled extensively in France when she was a cub living with her Grandmama.  She and Joseph hope to honeymoon in the south of France one of these days.  So Antoine should be able to feel a little more at home and have someone to translate all those curious American slang expressions.)

Also, if it is true that: "You are 'At Home', Where You are Loved", then my new little friends should feel 'at Home' Immediately!  For each of them is truly adorable!

See their pictures at this link.



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