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Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter


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  • "Anita and Jean Claude in the Winter Forest"
  • The BG fills my entire screen and measures 1321 X 675
  • This is a VERY VERY LARGE FILE  --  130 KB
  • I display it with the coding that keeps the background stationary on the screen with the text floating over it.  It is very effective.



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  • "Circus of the Damned Aqua" - 9 KB






  • "Circus of the Damned Orange"
    - 11 KB





  • "Lavender texture with Anita & Jean Claude" - 84 KB


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  • "Border with Bat on Mauve Texture" - 59 KB



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  • "Anita Bookcover Art Border BG" - 18 KB



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