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October 10, 2010 (10/10/10)

       Well, if you're on this page you must be browsing for some new background images.  When I first began my site I borrowed backgrounds on some of the pages from some very nice and generous and talented people. Now that I am building my own backgrounds catalog, I have less of other's work on the site. If you find a background in my site that originated from the talent of someone else, it will be identified as such at the bottom of the page. Please, for ethical reasons, DO NOT copy these images. Instead, feel free to use the links provided to visit these graphic artists at their home pages.

  ** My opinion is that the background is the "foundation" of any page that a person creates.    It sets the "mood" and in most cases the color-scheme for the entire page.

            Several of the background images on my site originated with and were created by someone else.  As far as I have been able, I have attributed the images to those "Graphic Angels" that I borrowed from.  

            There are also several pages that have backgrounds which I adapted from existing images which I found on the web, but did not keep notes of where they came from.  If you, who are reading this, recognize any of these images, please let me know by email and I'll gladly give the credit due.

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            The remainder of the background images on my Site's pages are ones that I devised myself.   These I am offering for use by individual WebPages builders.  There is a Quick Guide to aid visitors in finding their way around these pages of graphics. These pages are being added frequently and I will try to keep the QG current also. (Cross my fingers)

       ** The rules for borrowing these are few and I have listed them on this Link: the Graphic Rules Page.

            Good Luck on building your web pages.  I would be honored to know of your pages and hope you will sign my guest book, so I'll know where I can visit your web site.

HELPFUL FEATURE:  Some times, it is rather difficult to visualize what a background image will look like on a whole page.   Many backgrounds listed in the menu allow the viewer to click on the sample BG image and go to a full page preview.  Hover mouse over the image to see if there is an active link.  I also designed some buttons, bars and lines which are displayed on some of these pages.  Use any that you find there with my blessings and please display a small logo linked back to Carol's Place so others can visit and know about my free backgrounds. 

    If you will let me know you are using any of these graphics I'd love to add your link to the Graphic Friends Page.


New!!! 10/10/10 Visit the 5 Minute Tutorial and find out how to make a stationary background so your text and graphics will 'float'.  AND find out how to place code on your page to protect other's from right-click copying of your exclusive pictures and graphics.

More Hints coming soon!!


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There is good news at Carol's Place Graphics!

Hello Visitor:  Most of the Background sections are restored but I'm still running across occasional broken links.  Sometimes they go to the dead link page, sometimes just to the wrong page.  I try to fix them when I find them but do apologize if you happen to find them while surfing. 
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January 5, 2012


There are pages of Backgrounds for these subjects & holidays.


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