Fontanini Nativity Photos from My 2002 Christmas Display

by Carol Abbott


Here are some pictures of my display as it was set up in December 2002.  Through out the year, various pieces are moved almost daily by my family.  Just as I suspected they would, the younger Grandchildren and sweet Great-Granddaughter Anjerial all have a go at rearranging the pieces.  And they sometimes ask questions about the various characters or make up their own stories and interpretations of events.  Michael loves the cats.   I always know I will find them on roofs and on walls when he has been here.   He also thinks sheep should be laying down, so they all end up on their sides.



FCfontaniniAdventshrpr.jpg (173832 bytes)

The Stable of the Nativity awaiting Jesus' birth (Advent, 2002)

FCfontaninitowngatecrop.jpg (60154 bytes)

Mary & Joseph arrive in Bethlehem


FCfontaniniVillage4wBGenhanced.jpg (88279 bytes)

A busy street scene with many new arrivals


FCfontaniniVillage2crop.jpg (41176 bytes)

Street vendors at the gate


FCMaryJosepharriveinBethlehem.jpg (33198 bytes)

Martha offers water to the weary couple






FCfontaninishephards2smlr.jpg (44720 bytes)

The shepherds tend their flocks



FCfontaninimantle.jpg (78050 bytes)

Villagers going about their day.  (The building was built by our grandson, John, who did it for a school project.  Rather than discarding it or storing it in the attic at his house, I asked if I could make it a part of my display.  I think it worked out very well.)




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