Original Poetry by John Abbott
May, 2000












Field of wheat and mountain flower

Emerald lake and frothy streams

Are some of the things that dreams

are made of in the western land

That we pass through in a matter

of time that lasts too short of time






Golden fields of wheat, frothy silver streams,

emerald tarns and sapphire flowers

are some of the things dreams are made of

  that we pass through in a matter of time

that lasts too short

before the ruby sun sets.






The places I've been have brought a ray

of sunshine into my life.

From the mountain flowers to the desert lily,

The cedars of a thousand years

to the new growth of the coastal redwood

The sounds of both coasts,

The Great Lakes of the North, to the Gulf Coast.

Inland rivers, the fields of sunflowers

Is just a beam of what there is to see.




My Journey Through the Dark Tunnel


Dragon roars in the front

Lions roaring in the rear

Gnomes nipping at your fingertips

You feel along the wall and find

nothing familiar

In fear you pound on the wall

and in a flash of light

Someone comes through the wall.

And all you can say is

"Thanks, Mom!



Fear in the Night


What we fear in the night

Is not the night but what is lurking

In our own minds

We conjur all the horrible

scary things that we act so brave about

When among our friends who also are in fear

Of going it alone because the Demon

from within is far more frightening than any

Demon that can be conjured from someone

else's mind

So fear is fear its self.





In you walk...into the darkened house

well knowing nothing is in there lurking

in any corner.  Not under the bed, down in the pit

of hell they call the cellar, where everyone knows

the shadows move when you do

and are more clearly them.

The maniac with the axe behind the upstairs closet door

Just bidding his time, knowing you will come up

stairs because everyone knows there is no such thing

as the boogey man.  Just ask Mom.

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