Kachina Topper Backgrounds

This background is:           Kachina Blue - 79 KB (462 x 673)
                               copy by right clicking on area without other graphics and "save as".


This background is a very large file that fills the whole screen from top to bottom and repeats side by side across the page.  It is most effective if the coding on the background includes an entry to make the background stationary and allow the text and other items to float over the stationary background.

To get this effect, include this line in the background coding:   bgproperties="fixed"



"Kachina Turquoise" -  75 KB (461 x 673)


"Kachina Burnt Orange" -  72 KB (461 x 673)

"Kachina Yellow Tan" -  85 KB (461 x 673)


"Kachina Dark Tan" - 91 KB (461 x 673)

"Kachina Red" -  89 KB (462 x 673)


"Kachina Brown" -  91 KB (462 x 673)



Fast tip:  It's all about pixels when it come to backgrounds.   That's why text is sometimes obscured by ill placed backgrounds in a repeating border.  If you have an image editor of some kind and take some time, you may be able to adjust border backgrounds to exactly fit your pages.  Just remember that resolution also plays a big part in what you and others will see.  My trick is to do the work on the 1024X768 setting, because the 640X480 and 800X600 will cut out the remainder of the right hand image when it displays the background.  If you build your pages on either of these two settings then viewers coming in at 1024X768 won't be seeing your pages as you intended them to be viewed.

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