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The original "Pink Fairy Teddy" graphic came from the Site of INSOMNIAC.


Every night, when I go to bed,

I know that I will find my secret little friend ready to keep me company.

She is the Tiniest little Teddy, that ever you are likely to see.  

She hides until Mommy hugs me and Daddy kisses me goodnight---

and after they have clicked off the light and gently closed the door,

She flits 'round the room leaving a trail of pink glitter fairy dust in her wake

that slowly drifts down to settle on the floor. 

She sings lovely little melodies of lullaby that only I can hear

and once in a while hovers close enough to tickle my ear.

Her fairy wand gives off a pleasing and friendly glow

And as she swirls about the room,  she tells funny stories

that always entertain me so. 

My yawns are getting wider and I snuggle on my side;

my eyelids are getting heavy...."Oh, Pink Fairy, I'm glad you are my Friend!"

She whispers that she loves me and is glad I am Her Friend, too. 

Then as I drift toward sleep, she kisses me good night and murmurs

"Little Sweetheart, pleasant dreams to You." Carol Abbott, 1999


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