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Original Fiction:


--'The Blue Lady' by Carol Abbott©                                                    


Meet the wise ghost who lives in Paige's house. 
--'A Walk on Halloween' by Carol Abbott©                          


I love all aspects of Halloween. It's great fun to write about. Hope you will check it out.
--'Forever Friends' by Carol Abbott©                         


A second Halloween effort. I seem to love Halloween night walks! Here's another version, different characters, different focus, but includes a stroll, just the same!
--'The Bear Affair' by Carol Abbott©                           


Love comes to the Bear Hug.  (Sigh.....)
--'The Christmas Wish' by Carol Abbott©                           


Written just about the time that the hectic Christmas rush was beginning to overwhelm me, it gave me a little 'wake-up call' and kind of centered my thinking.
--'The Snowman Family Reunion' by Carol Abbott©                      


This is written in a different form and is a work in progress.  As I find additional charming snowman graphics, I expect the family to grow.
--'A Christmas Tree for Jessica' by Carol Abbott©                


When 'what we do' becomes muddled, it's time to get back to the basics -- what is really important.


Essay Titles:


--'Answered Prayers' by Carol Abbott©                         



Life took an unexpected turn in Houston, but revealed an even bigger surprise than I expected.
--'A Rose in December' by Carol Abbott©                             



Sometimes an event just begs to be written about.  Finding a rose in Missouri in December is a relatively rare occurrence.  I wish all our Winters were so mild!
--'Snow' by Carol Abbott©                            



This is a very short little piece.  I had some really terrific graphics of snowmen and snow related items (check out the animated penguins) and basically wrote a little text to give me a place to put them!  It is quite graphic intensive, but really a "fun" page.
-- 'A Call for Social Reform' by Carol Abbott ©                   



A plan that could guarantee the Right to Life
-- 'The Health Care Crisis in the United States'
by Carol Abbott
~a discussion~




-'Giddy Moon Poetry' by Carol Abbott, July 2001©


--'A Beautiful Dream' by Carol Abbott©                       


This is one of the longest poems I've ever attempted.
--"Poetry that Rhymes" by Carol Abbott©


--"Sweet Love of Evening" and Other Poems   by Carol Abbott©


--"No One is There Anymore" by Carol Abbott©


--"The Pink Fairy Teddy" by Carol Abbott©        


This was inspired by a cute little graphic that my daughter Kim found and sent to me--knowing how much I like Teddy bears. 
--"White Rose" by Carol Abbott©          


I must love roses because I find they are used as a central theme in several of my writings within these pages. Here is the latest offering.
--"Christmas in the Country" by Carol Abbott©         


Snow at Christmas time.  The perfect setting for a beautiful holiday.  Seen through a window in a house filled with Faith and Love.
--"The Endless Siren Song" by Carol Abbott, Summer 2003©             


Not sure where this one came from.  It's just been a very frustrating 'consumer' week at our house, I guess.  ~smile~
--"Love enough" by Carol Abbott, Summer 2003©                          


Remembering Love's Promise (This is dedicated to my husband, John.)
--"Two Hearts from Days of Old" by Carol Abbott, Summer 2003©                           



I recently realized that my Romance Quotient may be a bit atrophied so I went looking for inspiration.  Here's are several for you to consider:   Luci and it's companion piece, Jamie about Coming Home.  And yet another called: Princess AnnaBella
--"More Romantic Poetry" by Carol Abbott, Summer 2003©               



Here are two which were originally written for the Hopefully-Romantic-Poetry group:  Sharing a Walk...and a Life and The Gold Locket
--"How a Maiden May Spendeth Her Day"
by Carol Abbott, September, 2003


A charming Medieval black and white drawing was the inspiration for this poem.
--"Loves Own Path" by Carol Abbott, October, 2003©                        


A black and white drawing also inspired this poem, which is more like a story.
--Don't go into the Cemetery Alone
(especially on All Hallows Eve when the moon is full) Carol Abbott, October, 2003 ©


I made a new Halloween graphic (from bits and pieces that I have collected on Halloween sites for a couple of years).  The picture was suppose to be a desktop decoration for my computer during the season.  The more I looked at that picture, the more I knew there was a story in there waiting to get out.  Thus, this poem was born. 


Other's Works that I Admire


--"Original Poetry" John Abbott, ©2000
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--"Reminiscing" Leal Abbott, ©2002


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