Simple Rules for Using the Background Graphics
at  Carol's Place

Background for this page
is an exclusive design by Carol's Place
If you attribute it to My Site.

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Please copy the above logo and the site address
and place it on your page.


  • Please Save the background image to your own hard drive by right clicking and "save background as..." 
  • Please also copy one of my graphic logos to your hard drive at the same time you take the background.   (I always change the name to something almost like the image I'm taking, as it makes it easier to find when I'm ready to do the work.)  You may resize it or, if you run a graphic links page, you may do an attribute line saying which background image is mine and making a link to my graphic page calling the Link:  Carol's Place Background Graphics.  Then put it on your page or in a list with the link back to this address.
  • As for how you can put the saved background image on your site:  Well there are a lot of different methods which depend on your computer system and the provider of your webspace.  I'd suggest that you locate the site building area and follow their directions.
  • Please be sure that the content of your page is family oriented and that it shows respect for all people.  Please do not ask to use these images for pages that you would be ashamed to share with your Grandmother.
  • I would really appreciate your letting me know if you use one of my backgrounds.  It would be my pleasure to visit your page, sign your guest book and add a link to your page onto my "Graphic Friends List".
  • Best wishes to you on making your Home Page uniquely your own.  I have appreciated those who shared their graphics with me and, with these  backgrounds, I hope to show my gratitude by returning the favor, until such time as you begin to create your own backgrounds.   
  • Thank you for playing fair when borrowing graphics.  By doing so, you encourage more artists to offer nice graphics on the web.  And graphics are what add spice to our pages.
  • I used Microsoft Image Composer to do the effects necessary to making these backgrounds.
  • Just Remember, If I can do it, so can you!
  • I am planning frequent changes to these pages so, please, remember to save any of the graphics to your own hard drive and they will be yours forever.  Check back soon.  And HAPPY PAGE BUILDING!!


Please e-mail me when you borrow one of my background images so I can add a link back to your page from the Graphic Friend's List.  It will encourage more visits to your page.
I'd really like for you to also sign my Guest Book at the bottom of this page.

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Background for this page
is an exclusive design by
Carol's Place

This Background is an Original of Carol's Place.
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