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     For the last year I have had the most wonderful opportunity to be a member of a Small Christian Community.  These beautiful, wonderful women welcomed me with open arms and open hearts.  They made a place for me at their table.  We share a week's worth of living when we meet every Monday morning.  Reading and reflecting upon the Scriptures.  Relating those words to what happens in our daily lives.  Bolstering each other up when our hearts are heavy; rejoicing in the triumphs of one another when joy moves in our lives.

     When I had many weeks, this past winter, of being depressed and wanting only to crawl into bed and hide from the world, I would make the, sometimes, gargantuan effort to get going on Monday morning and be at the group.  I was never sorry that I made the effort.  Even when I didn't share but only listened, the Faith and Trust in God that these women Witnessed to within the group would give my day a lift.  I know that all of the members have similar reasons for coming.  Many of these friendships span several decades, but they have made me feel as much an integral part of the group and I know that my input is appreciated and respected.

     I feel as though Small Christian Communities has opened up a whole new facet of my Faith and Belief in God and in Jesus Christ within me.  I will always be grateful to Isabella and the others who invited me and then made me feel so welcome within the group after I joined them.     

,Remember Dec.6, 1989  






A Way to Worship that is Both Old and New
by Carol Abbott, July, 2001

We sit in a circle, so each is included
It's easy to see it's never an intrusion.
We share a little bit about our lives
And none exercise judgement,
no condemnation in their eyes.

We share our thoughts on what the scriptures mean
Respecting each others opinions
Waiting for every one to be heard.
It is Love in action as well as word.

Heavenly Father, Bless my friends.
They were there when I needed them once again.
Offering acceptance, hope and love.
And reminding me to trust in you up above.

So if you're feeling especially low
I've a suggestion for you, a place to go
Join a Small Christian Community
or form a new one with some friends.

You will be lifted up, as on Angel Wings
Your heart and mind will feel much lighter
and you will want to sing the Praises
To our Lord for his blessed gifts of friendship and love.

~~ I'm eternally grateful for the time we are together in SCC ~~


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