Mary, Mother of Jesus

Mary holds a special place in the hearts of all Christians.  After all, she is the Mother of Jesus Christ, the wholly human and wholly divine Son of God.  In honor of Mother's Day, I have collected some wonderful pictures from the Web that show the beauty and grace of the woman, Mary.

I hope you will enjoy them with me.


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Mary's mother Anne was the first teacher of the child.  Who could have guessed that this beautiful little girl would become the most important woman in the world by saying "Yes" to God.  Her simple act of faith, learned at the knee of her mother, changed the world for all time.


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Beautiful Virgin, God's Angel gave you news that would have horrified a less courageous young woman.  For in this long ago time, a woman could be stoned to death for adultery.  You were betrothed to a kind and decent man named Joseph but not yet married.  You knew no man intimately, yet the Angel of the Lord tells you that you are with Child and will deliver a Son.
  How can you take this news so calmly?   You fold your hands in prayer and accept, without question or argument, this life changing news.  What incredible courage you must have had.  God Chose Well in Choosing You, dearest Mary. virginatprayer.jpg (24083 bytes)




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What a precious little Son, Mary.  How much you must have wished to always keep Him safe, snuggling Him close.  Who, but God, could have imagined such a beautifully simple, yet complex plan to bring the Savior of the World into being?  Your trust, Mary, was the most important part of His plan.



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With immense Wonder, Mary received many visitors within the first few weeks after her baby's birth.  Whether the visit was  by Shepherd or King, She received each with grace and a Mother's pride and shared Her great joy with all who came to celebrate this Incredible Event.  Alleluia.

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Mary, hold your precious Baby close to your Heart.  He sleeps so peacefully.  As any Mother, You must be wondering what the future has in store for you both.  Your face shows a trust that You will leave the outcome in God's hands and concentrate upon the present, taking each day as it comes.  But I think you knew, deep inside yourself, that there would be much worry and sadness ahead for your Son and it caused you to have a pensive manner at quiet times, such as this.




Mary, your little Son was brought here to earth as a Gift from God.    Thank you, Mary, for the love and care you lavished upon Him when He was but a tiny child.  This sweet, little boy must have given you such joy.  Did he always sit so still or, perhaps, did he crawl away to explore a bit of the world and maybe taste a tiny fist of dirt and pebbles and then grin up at you with a mud smeared smile when you left your chores to find what he was up to?

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 motherperpet.jpg (38358 bytes)              1ststepschristsmlr.jpg (18940 bytes)              mogod.jpg (25398 bytes)

Loving Mother, Mary, Your Son grows taller, stronger, with every passing day.  Hold Him close for a while longer.  Keep Him safe for as long as You are able.


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Details of Mary and Her Son after he is grown are sketchy.   We do know from the Bible that Mary was instrumental in encouraging Jesus to perform the miracle of turning the water to wine during the Wedding Feast at Cana.   He was reluctant to begin His public ministry, but accedes to Mary's request when it appears that the Wedding couple will be embarrassed by the fact that not enough wine has been provided for the guests to drink at the feast.

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Mary had one last, sad vigil to perform for her beloved Son.   Her grief must have been almost unbearable.  Her loving care extended even to the day of Jesus' ultimate sacrifice for our sake.  On this day Her Faith that God's Will would be done gave her the courage to stay near the cross.
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And at His death, Mary held Him in Her arms once more.


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Blessed Virgin, Your time upon this Earth is done.  You have earned the highest reward from your God for your complete obedience to His plan for You.  

Assumptionsmlr.jpg (45495 bytes)

Ascend now to Heaven to be reunited with your Precious Son.  To be in His presence all your days.   Amen.


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Beloved Mary, ever Virgin.  You taught us how to pray the Rosary.  Please pray for me.   I know that on my own, I am unworthy.  But your Son, Jesus washed away my sins with His Blood.  God The Father, loves all His children, even the least of them.     And knowing this, I ask your intercession on my behalf. 

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Mary, Mother of God, I humbly ask that you Pray for my Mother and my Grandmother.

I honor their memory and live in the hope that we will all, one day, be reunited in the presence of God in Heaven.

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