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This dazzling bracelet came from a friend.
Thank You, Honey-Due!
My Friend Cindy knows just how  much I Love Amber.  Look at this gorgeous Amber SunCatcher she sent to me

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I have researched the following facts regarding Amber.  I share them with you as a matter of interest.   These statements should not be construed as medical advice.  But many people throughout time have believed in the healing powers of various natural substances.  I would advise that Amber be worn because it is beautiful.  Any additional benefits from wearing Amber should just be accepted as a gift and not as a treatment
Hugs, Carol


Amber is said to lift the weight of burdens, bring luck and make wishes happen...


Gemstone therapy is said to be an alternative form of strengthening the body and soul, resolving issues.  It's said that gemstones carry vibrations and by wearing them the effects can be very direct to the human body and psyche.   Some people say that rounded stones are more effective than any other, but nonetheless both are said to have healing properties.


Healing powers of amber

For centuries, people used and continue to use amber for healing and prophylactic purposes.

Amber therapy has a centuries long tradition in natural medicine, and results of the application of amber treatment testify to its beneficial effect on the human organism. Many instances of the effective healing of various ailments have been documented.

Traditional medicine has approached amber as a form of medicine with skepticism, basing its position on chemical analysis which found nothing unusual in its composition. Currently only a few anti-rheumatic ointments containing amber are being produced.

Unconventional medicine recommends amber solutions that are used as a rub to relieve pain of different origins, and also general infections. Amber oils are a liquid form of amber that are available and serve as disinfectants and antiseptics for the treatment of skin disorders. To improve the ion structure of air, there is amber incense that emits negative ions. The simplest and most popular form of amber therapy is the wearing of amber jewelry. Amber beads heal and prevent throat, neck and head disorders Amber bracelets aid rheumatic and arthritic ailments. Even rubbing the afflicted area with a piece of amber is also recommended and effective. Amber is also worn to sleep by some people.

The belief that amber contains anti-cancer properties is prevalent among amber therapy advocates. Even the practice of continued contact of the body with amber may in some measure protect it from tumors.

It has been confirmed on the basis of many positive results of treatment with amber, that amber has antibacterial as well as antiviral properties. However it is not yet known what types of bacteria and viruses amber has a soothing or killing effect.

It has also been confirmed that various heart pains and headaches no matter what their origin are relieved by rubbing the affected areas with cotton soaked in amber solution or with a piece of amber.

Furthermore, it has been observed that contact with amber has a beneficial effect on a person's well-being, introduces a positive mood, brings calmness, and relieves nervous tension. In addition, it helps to free a person from stress and depression.

Could it be, then, that amber was to be a panacea for all illnesses of the body and mind? Its capacity to produce negative ions suggests that amber can be tremendous prophylactic and healing power.


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Amber is a translucent to opaque yellow, golden or orange material, usually warm to the touch, much lighter than one would expect of a gemstone. It's not a gemstone in the truest sense--rather it's fossilized resin from trees common about 50 million years ago. It's sometimes called "electrum" as Amber produces static electricity when rubbed. Amber gets its name from the Greek "Ambrosia".

Mystical Properties: Its beautiful, warm color, and the ease with which it can be worked has made it popular since the Stone Ages.

To the Norse, Amber was the golden tears of the Goddess Freya that fell into the sea and solidified.

Others believe Amber to be the tears of Heliads grieving for her dead brother Phaethon, who had fallen into the River Eridanos. The sun is said to have hardened the tears into Amber.

Polish legends ascribe Amber to human tears from the forty-days rain.

A Kashubian legend says Amber was created from very loud lightning storms.

Homer mentions Amber in his writings, attributing great desirability and value to the golden gems.

To the ancient Greeks, Amber came from the apples of immortality (hence the name, Amber from the Greek "ambrotos", meaning "ambrosia"). From this legend, amber was believed to instill protection to it's wearer and increase longevity. The Romans picked up on this, believing Amber a first rate protector, so much so, the Roman Gladiators adorned their shields and weapons with it.

In Christianity, Amber is thought to be tears shed by birds at Christ's death.

Ancient Germans called Amber "bernstein", meaning "burning stone". When burned, it will still give off a pine scent (50 million years later!), and so was used as an incense.

Amber is the gem of Germany, Romania, and Sicily and those of Germanic, Romanian and Sicilian descent.

Said to favor those named Ambrose and Anne.

Dreaming of amber is said to indicate an upcoming voyage.

Scientific Properties: Amber is not a true crystalline mineral, rather it is of organic origin, being the fossilized resin of pine trees common about 40-50 millions years old.

Has pyroelectric properties (i.e. rub it and produces electricity).

Hardness: 4 on the Moh's Hardness Scale

Found all over the world, including Mexico, the Dominican Republic, and Borneo.

The most valued Amber usually comes from the Baltic region.
The most extensive deposits of Baltic Amber are found in the blue muds of the Sambian Peninsula and by the Bay of Gdansk.

Healing Properties: Most commonly Amber is said to help with sore throats, swollen glands, and fevers likely because of it's ability to hold heat.


The information about Amber was gathered from the following sites: AmbeRay, Chardongentry Creations and colorwears.com.  Visit them to learn more and to find some beautiful Amber jewelry.

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I really LOVE jewelry made of Amber, so I used free-form amber beads and an amber pendant to make the main background for this page.   Nearly all my backgrounds are FREE for the use of others to use on Personal WebPages.  If you have a commercial page (or a personal page), would you please be sure to read my rules and display a banner on you site that gives me credit for making the background.  It's the only thing I ask, except that the content of your site shows respect for all people and displays no adult content without my prior consent AND ABSOLUTELY NO sites that are aimed at prejudice against any group of people because of race, religion or lifestyle. Also, let me know when you use a background that I have made, so I can visit you pages.   And, when you use one of my backgrounds, I'll give you a link on my Graphic Friends page, if you ask.

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