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      Although, I have not met any Heavenly Beings, (that I am aware of), I believe that there ARE Angels among us, just as there were in the first days.  I base this belief on the fact of God's Love for us.   And my conviction that He still cares at all times about what happens to His Children on Earth. 

           So it very much stands to reason that He would continue to use His Messengers to communicate with us and watch over us.    Even if you accept that God is all things to all people who believe in Him, I would expect Him to be a good manager of His Time, so sending Angels to deliver His Messages and, even more importantly, to safeguard those in need of His Help makes perfect sense. 

            There are many instances of this.  One of the most memorable of these in the Bible is the case of the Angel who blocked the path so that the donkey of Balaam, a soothsayer, could not go forward to take Balaam on an errand which God opposed.   Three times on the path, the ass saw the Angel and  balked at going forward despite the fact that Balaam whipped the beast because the animal would not advance.  Then the Lord lifted the veil from Balaam's eyes and he was humbled to realize that God's Angel had been sent to safe guard him from opposing God's will.

             A more contemporary tale, several versions of which I have found in various books about Angels, involved a Christian Missionary couple who was bringing God's Word to a rather hostile native population.   They were having little success in reaching the people and certain opposing factions roused the men of the village to worse threats of aggression each night.  The missionary couple became more fearful for their safety but felt so dedicated to trying to help these people, that they would not give up.  Finally, the night arrived when the household servants fled in fear for their lives and begged the missionaries to leave as well, telling them that it was common knowledge that an attack was planned upon the mission house which could result in the deaths of these good people.

            The devout couple prayed that God would send His Angels to be with them, whatever might transpire.  Throughout the long evening, the villagers were whipped into a frenzy that became more and more heated.  However, the night passed without the expected attack taking place and from that night, there was less and less aggression aimed at the couple.  They began to make progress in serving these proud, fierce people and making a real difference in their lives.  Finally, there came the day when the leader of the faction who had most opposed them in their work approached them and asked for help in learning the Christian faith.  After several sessions of instruction, the missionaries dared to ask the man what had kept them from making the attack on that night so many months before.  The answer should have come as no real surprise to these faith-filled people, but this is what they were told:


        "We Leaders had worked very hard to get the crowd of our followers angry enough to make the charge into your compound to end your interference in our lives.  Then we saw the large army of your soldiers standing shoulder to shoulder around the whole mission house, guarding every door and every window.  They were such fine, fit men, each man taller than eight feet and they seemed to glow with light reflecting from their snow white garments.  All of the men with me were filled with fear and awe and they drifted away one by one and returned to their homes.  After that night, more and more of the villagers began to talk about why such a fine warrior army would be guarding your house, unless your reason for being among us was for good.  I argued against this for as long as I could, but in the end I have come to believe that your purpose here is a just cause and with what you have told me of God and of Jesus Christ you have opened my eyes and my heart."



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Lord, At times, I have felt an inexplicable Peace during stress-filled times.  This is not easy to do because I have trouble giving up control.  But,when I can remind myself that what happens today is not always in my power, that Thy Will be done, You lighten the burden for me.

I am grateful, Lord, that I can come to you.  That Your Strength will hold me up, even in the worst of times, if I can just remember to let go and allow you to take over.

God I try to include you in the decision making, even when coping with the everyday problems and challenges that I encounter.  I ask, how can I resolve this in a way pleasing to You, Lord?  With Your Help, I can go forward with my life and attempt each day to savor what IS and let tomorrow be what it will be.

P.S.  I have a very short memory.  So Please, have one of Your Angels tap my shoulder to remind me that I can always give my problems to You the next time I start to tense up and try coping 'all on my own'. 


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