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Don't go into the Cemetery Alone
(especially on All Hallows Eve when the moon is full)
                    .......by Carol Abbott, October, 2003

Back in '95, little Reggie was generally thought of as a bully.
Or at least, that's what most folks said.
I'd rather think he was just too young and foolhardy
to know he shouldn't ought to have gone where he was led.


Neighbors always described him as really pushy,
and ready for a fight......rambunctious, crude and loud.
Let's just say: If there was trouble around,
you'd likely find him somewhere in the crowd.


On Halloween nights, when the moon was full,
and shadowed like a skull.
All smart kids could tell ya, that ghosts
walked amid the cemetery stones, a 'frighting time' to pull.


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On this particular terrible night, an owl hooted down from a tree,
"Halt! Don't go another step!"
There are spooks afoot that you won't want to meet.
And maybe even a ghoul or two, I'll bet!


RIPTombstone.gif (6798 bytes) Reggie shouted to his mates,"Hey, let's use the old bone yard
to cut over to Elm Street.
There's lots more houses over there
to fill our bags with treats."


The other kids all shied away and shouted,
"Oh, no, Reg!"  "Reg, don't go!" they said.
But Reggie laughed and called 'em chicken
and raced off full steam ahead.


Thoughtless of his safety, Reggie was looking for
a short-cut path to go for more 'tricks and treats'.
And ventured into the grave yard
on his very foolish feet.


The leaves swished and crackled underfoot
in a very spooky, mysterious way.
All too soon, Reg was all alone.
But still too greedy to change his mind and stay.


Even when he heard the call of the owl,
and the beating wings of a bat.
Not to mention the whispering of the wind
and the yowling of a cat.


animbats.gif (32845 bytes)
catjack2.gif (4366 bytes) The scurry, hurry, flurry of creatures
hidden in tall grass.
The rustle of the bushes and a groan
that caused our little Reggie to gasp!


All of a sudden, our brave young lad
realized he could hear no other human voice.
And now the dilemma:  To go back OR
To Go On - is a really desperate choice.


But the fates have played Reg's hand for him.
It's no longer in his power.
He's in the trap and chance will choose for him.
It could well be his final hour.


A headstrong, ornery boy is Reg.
And it's as true as we can tell.
But, if Reg can run swift and strong to make escape.
He may live to tell his tale.


greenghost.gif (1816 bytes) Ghosts wreathed round the moldering stones
and skeleton bones rattled up ahead.
A line of evil looking, candle-lighted Jacks bordered the path
at his feet and Poor Reg was filled with dread.


greenghost.gif (1816 bytes)
The tallest Skeleton loomed up into his view
and made haste to block his way.
Reg reached right down into his bag and offered
a fine treat. (With it, he hoped his freedom to pay.)


In less than the time it took to think
that he might just make it out,
he sensed a presence at his back
and swiftly swung about.


The ghoul nearly had him in it's grasp!
But shrieking, Reggie ran!
And dodging, weaving he raced for freedom
from the whole hideous Cemetery Band.


ghoulanim.gif (16424 bytes)
He never stopped running until he leaped
the waist high fence in an awkward single bound.
And he ran right home, slammed the front door shut
and hid under his bed, never making another sound.


That Halloween night several years ago
still lives on in memory.
It was the night that Reggie learned that
there are A LOT OF THINGS that are scarier than he.



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