The Web Ring Phenomenon

         It doesn't take too long surfing the Net before you find the first indications of a "Web Ring".  This is a great way to visit a lot of sites with similar themes, such as holiday pages, graphics, parenting or gardening.  It is also a good way for those who join the rings to have more visitors to their sites, giving more opportunities to have your pages viewed and appreciated for all the hard work that you went to getting them up in the first place.

         On this page in my Site you will be finding two types of listings.  The first is a list of the Web Rings that I have joined.  Going to the 'link' on these will direct you to the page in my site where you will find the actual 'Ring' so that you can start surfing or continue your travels (if you have been visiting my pages from a specific Web Ring).

         However, I have also made a list of some of my personal favorites in Rings, some that I do not, necessarily, belong to.  These are great sources for whiling away (more time than I am willing to admit) an hour or more in the pursuit of enlightenment on topics that interest me and maybe will interest you as well.  They are listed in no particular order within the grouping.  So far as I am able, I will keep this list current, but once you are in the Rings, you may find that some sites have been abandoned.  That is always frustrating for the surfer, but it must be a real nightmare for the Ring Masters trying to keep them current, especially on some of the really large rings.

         If you have enjoyed my pages, I would love to have you sign my Guest Book before you leave.   And Happy Journeying.  Please come back and visit again sometime. 

You are Always Welcome at Carol's Place.



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I'm a Member of these Web Rings:

 These links take you to the page where the Web Ring is, so you can continue your journey.

My Women of the Web Rings
Women of the Millenium
The Mother/Daughter WebRing Genuine Ladies
Phenomenal Women of the Web aka Phenomenal Diva


Angel Web Rings
Angels Webring


Cultural exchange of Ideas and General Interest Web Rings
All The BEST Webring Sites Of


Books and Reading Rings
The Sleuth Ring The Reader's Ring
Anita Blake - The WebRing


Diet and Exercise Web Rings
The Diet Web Ring Exercise Your WillPower
Beverley's Fantasy Diet Support at Diet Talk


All the Holiday Web Rings
The Land of Christmas Magic WebRing
The Happy Thanksgiving WebRing All-Around Christmas
Happy Fall Ya All Cheerful Celebrations WebRing
The Happy Halloween Ring A Haunting We Will Go
The"New" Season's Greetings Holiday WebRing


Fairy & Fantasy Web Rings
Fairies of the Web Wee Folke Webring
Musette's Faery Grove


Graphics and Backgrounds Web Rings
Phenomenal Women of the Web Graphics Webring


Peace and World Peace Web Rings
The World Peace 2000 Webring The Peace Pages Web Ring



Here are some Web Rings I recommend:

 These links take you to the page where the Web Ring is, so you can investigate it further.

   (I currently have no active links for this listing.  But check back another time.)


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