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*Here are several of my personal logos to use at your site when you use one of my backgrounds. Please read my simple Rules for using these backgrounds.


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I have a selection of Dice Backgrounds for you to use.  They are tiles and are occasionally larger than they are displayed on this page.  If you wish to copy one, hold the cursor over the image, right click and "save as" to your hard drive.  I'd suggest renaming the file something that will allow you to find it when you are ready to use it on your site.   Would you please take one of the Carol's Place Logos to display on your page with a link back to my background site. 
Thanks,  Carol

PS - I don't have any lines and buttons for these yet but you may be able to use something from the first dice background that I displayed.  Maybe one of these days I'll get the inspiration to do some for these new dice backgrounds.



**The Background for this page is:  Large Green Dice  12 KB



DarkBlueSevens BG - 8 KB (346 X 197)




Large Stylized Red Sevens BG - 15 KB (494 X 279)




Large Ivory Dice BG - 27 KB (333 X 277)




Multicolor Dice BG - 23 KB (275 X 228)





Smaller Green Dice BG - 5 KB (208 X 197)



Large Multi with Blue Tint BG - 18 KB (333 X 277)




Large Pair of Dice BG - 44 KB (510 X 242)




Black White Gray Dice Chaos - 27 KB (275 X 137)





Aqua Dice BG - 3 KB (228 X 174)




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