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October 2001

  John and Carol celebrate 37 years together.....

It  seems  only  a  short  time  ago  that  we  celebrated  our  wedding, but   when  we  looked  at  the  calendar  this   year , we  found  that  thirty-seven  years  have   passed....

We  celebrated  by   taking  our  daughters  and   their  husbands   out  for  a   nice  dinner .   We  left  all   the  Grandkids  at  home  together .    They   had  fun  and  we  had  fun !!!


Here is what we looked like the year we got married ..... And here we are today ....

jcthennow.jpg (54757 bytes)

My  prayer  is  that   we  will  have  many  more  good  years  ahead   of  us .


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October 10, 2004
A special milestone moment has been reached today, as John & I celebrate 40 years together.  We were sent some really nice gifts and I just had to share them with you.  Thank you to all who sent cards and gifts. 


JayneeHAgift.jpg (60750 bytes)




RoseBouq.jpg (13908 bytes)



caroljohn_anniversary_vicki.jpg (62481 bytes)
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