On this page I am offering some more of my original Poetry.
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It's Hard to "Take it back"
                      by Carol Abbott 2004

Don't come in here
You mustn't peek.
I'm hidden now and
You must not seek.

Oh all right then,
step in the door.
But do not expect
there will be much more.

Reach out your hand.
I just may accept.
It's now or never.
Time to pay your debt.

I've loved you truly
when it's sometimes hard to do.
Now the wounds dig deep
and you're not ringing true.

Don't' make this a joke,
Or tell me a lie...
I'll love you again
But you must realize...

Your harsh words wound
me in the depth of my mind.
If you 'don't mean it', don't say it.
Don't pretend to be blind

To the effect of your words
which can be careless and cruel.
When you say "It wasn't you I lashed out at"
It makes me feel like a fool.

Sometimes anger is best
damped down without words.
Hold back your slashing tongue.
I'd rather not have heard.


Sweet Love of Evening
by Carol Abbott 1999

Sometimes in Summer,
The Evening rushes smoothly over into night
For then, here in the twilight
Evening's Girl opens her Lips to sip the
Dewed blossom of Night.
Ever near to My Own Heart.
For I love only Her and
Never, do I want Her to go.


A Child Lost
by Carol Abbott 1999

"Speak only in whispers"
Said my teacher the day that Everything changed.
Right before my eyes I sensed my childhood's
Frivolous joys seeping out and I wished to flee.
Frightened of that judgmental, Harsh bully.
But even as I struggled to rebel
God seemed not to hear.
Oh, why shouldn't I let the world know my feelings?
Don't I have a voice?
Eleven is too young not to be allowed
To sometimes make a racket.
Oh please, don't ask for only silence from me.
Not here, not now, not yet, NOT EVER.


Truth Be Told

by Carol Abbott 1999

Some say that there is only One Truth
But for Some that statement is not to be trusted.
Every person grasps for Reason
It is just that Some see Reason in Truth
Others, Truth in Reason.
For myself, I plead to Hear Every word,
Good And Bad.
Only then can I learn to Divine the Ever lasting Now.
More sensed than Opined.
Only then to affirm with a gentle Nod.
"Ah, Yes. Of course.
Now, I understand."


Lord, Don't Give Up on Me

by Carol Abbott 1999

Sometimes, when things seem darkest
I bow my head and pray.
"Dear God, in Heaven
Hear me, please, and help me with my day."

"I know that I don't deserve You.
I neglect You and ignore You."
But You just keep loving me
Even more than You did before.

Please open my eyes
to the Joy of You.
Remind me I need You Every day.
It is time to give You Thanks, My Lord
In everything I do and say.
Amen and Amen......





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