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Love enough
Carol Abbott, July 2003

I tried to remember...
a time when you weren't in my life.
It wasn't easy. Because...
I barely lived before you were here.

I tried to recall...
how it felt waking up alone,
but couldn't remember when...
being in your arms meant anything but being home.

You and I have become a universe of two.
Impossible to see only me...only you.

I tried to believe...
our lives would always be the same.
But Living Life can rearrange
what we swore would never change.

With a quiet whispered prayer...
I start each and every day,
Entreating God to grant the two of us
Love enough.

Love enough to remember...
That, even in the bad times, when anger
may tear at my soul.
The one I 'hate' is the one I Love
most wholly in the world.

Love enough to recall...
that, 'though sometimes, life itself may disappoint.
The two of us can cope
`the best' when
standing hand in hand.

Fervently, our Universe of Two will endure for evermore.
For Love alone can see us through
And always be our Home.



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