St. Patrick's Day

The Abbott's are Wishing you a Happy Day!

          What a Great Holiday!   The Irish (and the Irish for a day) dig out their green socks and green bowler hats.  The mouthwatering smell of corned beef and cabbage permeates homes everywhere and if you aren't wearing green, you will be pinched---you can count on it!   

       This is the Day that makes nearly Everyone, Everywhere Wish they were Irish! 


Danny Boy says HI Thanks to this Lover-ly Site
         This is DANIEL THE DREAMER.  He is the great little Leprechaun that I adopted to live on my St. Patrick's Day Page.  (4/29/99 - The Link to adopt a Leprechaun is NO LONGER active.)

        Great Good Fortune awaits the Friend of a Leprechaun. May all 'Yer' days be blessed with Happy Dreams.


shamrocks galore


St Patrick's Day girl        There are always parties and fun to be had on St. Patrick's Day.

 Lots of businesses get into the spirit with such things as Green Beer Warning: Green Beer can be habit forming or, for the less daring or foolhardy, green ice cream shakes at places like McDonald's and Sonic.   Restaurants large and small serve corned beef and cabbage dinners.  By far, THE wildest way to spend this holiday in Kansas City is to go to the St. Patrick's Day Parade in downtown Kansas City.   Whole Irish families build family floats, the schools all send marching bands and tons of Moms and Dads take their kids out of school, if it's a weekday, to line the streets of the parade route and Party with a capital P.   Everyone wears as much green as they can come up with from their closets and doff glittery hats, Shamrocks attached by waving springs on headbands and other frivolous headgear to help define the most fashionably dressed among the crowd.  The parade is shown on television, for those who can't make it down to the festivities.  And the celebration will continue in Westport at Kelly's Bar and dozens of other places until the wee hours (for some).

Lovely St Paddy's Girl having a 'wee bit o refreshment'


The Good Luck is heaped up here



      This wonderful, old-fashioned scene makes  me want to book a flight out to the Celtic Country.



A Village in Ireland
Little curly-haired Lassie    



      This Lovely Little Lass has beautiful, curly hair just like our daughter Kim had as a child.



       I was wild about all of these old fashion cards and borrowed several from the Lycos Image Gallery.  They are an excellent source of free graphics for pages that need some zipping up.




More Good Luck is heaped up here
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