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            When I think of Thanksgiving, I always think of going to my Grandma and Grandpa's house.  Their big old, two story house with the wide, wraparound front porch was the perfect place to gather for any holiday, but especially so at Thanksgiving, with it's emphasis on eating.....Grandma being a WONDERFUL COOK!

            Grandma always got up extra early to get the bird in the oven.Tom Turkey aka The Turkey Gobbler       The house would begin to waft tantalizing smells up the stairs while we were getting dressed.   My sister, brother and I would clatter down the stairs and race each other to the kitchen to see if Grandma needed any "tasting" done.  My Grandma's dressing was always better than any other I've ever had.  I must have watched her make it for nearly every Thanksgiving at her house, and I still haven't gotten it quite right.   Last year was pretty close though.  And I'll always get another opportunity to try again next Thanksgiving.  The thing was, she didn't use a recipe, it was just by instinct and experience and, of course, her panel of advisors lined up for "tastes" to tell her when the seasoning was just right.  I expect she had to allow two or three extra cups of bread for all the tasting.

            While Mama and Grandma visited in the kitchen, catching up on all the news and gossip, my sister and I would carefully set the dining room table with the "best" china and silverware.  Most meals were shared around the kitchen dinette set the rest of the year, but the massive old 1920's dining room table, extended out with all the table leaves and draped with the linen table cloth covered with the lace one and real linen napkins, HAD to be used on all special holiday tables during my childhood. When we all got older, Grandma discovered pretty paper napkins and tablecloths. It had to be a big time saver for her, as she still used the old wringer washing machine, out on the back service porch, and hung out the wash on clothesline in the side yard.

Let's take a walk around StewartsvilleWhen we finished eating all the wonderful food, taking a walk around town after dinner was one way to get over that "stuffed" feeling.   But, strangely enough, since I really don't like to do dishes now days, cleaning up after the meal is one of my fondest memories.   My sister and I  generally dried the dishes with the hand embroidered flour sack dish towels and did some other easy stuff, but it was the companionship and feeling of belonging and acceptance that still stays with me to this day!

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Click on the icon above to find a beautiful Thanksgiving Prayer that I would love to share with you.



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Grandpa's Christmas decorations were always BEAUTIFUL!!




            Kansas City has it's PLAZA LIGHTS lighting ceremony on Thanksgiving evening that draws crowds of over 200,000 people, but my Grandpa had his version that we found just as exciting (and the traffic wasn't nearly as bad).  For several days prior to the event (hopefully with the weather cooperating by not being too cold, rainy or snowy), Grandpa would work on the project of outlining much of the porch railing and around all the windows and doors on the two sides of the house facing the streets.   Every year, there would be a little something more --- a life-size lighted Santa, 'Noel' outlined in red and green lights, a large, all white, brightly shining star right on the highest peek of the roof line.  What ever was added became a part of the display from then on.   As soon as it was fully dusk, everyone would pull on coats and gloves and troop out to the street.  Then Grandpa would flip on the porch light switch and we would "OOH" and "AHHH".  And we kids would start making out our Christmas wish lists in our heads, 'cause we knew that Santa was only a month away from his visit!




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May you have a  Blessed Thanksgiving, brimming with Love and Good Feelings which will be the building blocks for Memories of future years to come......

Thanksgiving Blessings



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