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     Love.....What a wonderful WORD....filled with promises of happiness, passion, contentment, security....being accepted for who you are, what you stand for....someone to share with....plan with....understand where you are coming from.

            The official day of Lovers is Valentine's Day.  I adore receiving Valentine cards, candy and MOST especially.....FLOWERS.    The Very Best flowers are cut, live flowers.  There is something about fresh-cut blossoms in the middle of cold, gray winter days that is such a wonderful extravagance.  I once, many years ago, received an arrangement of bird of paradise on Valentine's Day from a very nice boy named Brent .   He must have been quite a bit more sophisticated than I was, as I can remember being disappointed that they weren't, red, pink and white somethings with baby's breath....Wow, I can't believe the number of years it took for me to grow up enough to appreciate this marvelously exotic flower and the romance with which they are imbued .  Thank you, Brent (where ever you are) for my first romantic bouquet.

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This is NOT a trick question:

Which flower arrangement would be more romantic to you?

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How about to a Sappy Teenaged Girl?

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Which one did I WANT when I was a teen?

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Which one did I GET?

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         There is a lot of pressure to try and achieve the "perfect" Valentine's Day and that can be very tough.  For instance, if you are  making reservations at your favorite romantic restaurant.....don't wait for the last minute, because if you and your Honey love the atmosphere there, so will half the other people in your fair city.   Chances are, that spontaneity isn't your best bet for February 14th.   Especially if you want to sit down to eat any time before 10:30 p.m.  Because of desperate hunger,You are very likely to end up at Steak and Shake in the booth next to the family of five whose baby is entertaining his siblings with a lovely drum solo executed by spoon on highchair tray while Mom and Dad wonder whether,or if ever, Romance will again visit their lives.

         If Valentine's Day means a lot to you (or to the person you LOVE) then it makes sense to work a little to create a Romantic Experience on that day.  This observation is aimed equally whether you are Male or Female. Too many women wait secretly for the "perfect" gesture from their man and then feel let down if he gives them bird of paradise instead of pink roses and baby breath(??)---OR EVEN WORSE, NOTHING AT ALL!!! 

         I hope you are Lucky enough to have Romance in your life everyday.   But it is true that for many, (and I'm one of them) Valentine's Day is in a class by itself.  Regular romance isn't good enough for the Valentine's Day Obsessed.   My advice is to discuss a "plan" for something special a few days before the 14th.  It isn't against the rules to say, 'where shall we go, I'll make the reservations'.  If you really want flowers, but he never gets them for you, surprise him with flowers.  If you are married to the guy, have them delivered at home and you can enjoy them too.   I've bought my husband flowers three years in a row.  He is a wonderful man, just not into buying flowers (yet) but I still enjoy the bouquets that I choose and our relationship is strong enough to aim for overtures of caring and love sent in both directions.

babyangel.jpg           Here is hoping that you will experience the Love and  happiness that you deserve, this Valentine's Day.   Sometimes, the best way to be happy is to do something loving for someone else in your life. 
        Love takes many forms in our lives and All the special people in each of our lives, probably would appreciate a remembrance on Valentine's Day to remind them that they are Loved by you.  You can Mail a card or newsy little note (even an email to those on-line, could be a nice little lift to someone's day). Telephone someone--maybe a friend or family member that you have kind of lost touch with-- and wish them "Happy Valentine's Day".  Take a little bouquet, potted plant or a half dozen cookies to a shut-in and spend 20 minutes visiting with them, touching their hand or giving them a "hug" for Valentine's Day. Studies show that many elderly do not experience any HUMAN TOUCH on a regular basis! That is sad. So do this little kindness, and you will feel better, too.

        Happy Valentine's Day to you.  May it bring you All the Love & Romance you hoped for.....  Love, Carol

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My Valentine's Wish for YOU.....


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       I've been Sprinkled with some Special Valentine's Fairy Dust....                 
Thanks Twinkles!!


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