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The 4th of July

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Fireworks displays are irresistible to me. I love them and have even been known to watch them on television --- which you have to admit, leaves a whole lot to be desired.

What, you ask, is the best fireworks show I've ever seen? Would it be the year we drove to Ft. Leavenworth, Kansas to hear cousin Tom Deshner playing with the military band and to watch the awesome exploding colors and patterns, both in the night sky and reflected in the water of the small lake on the Fort's grounds? The wonderful John Phillip Sousa March music filled the air, making the heart pound and swell with pride to be an American.

How about our extended-family's 1976 drive to a darkened hillside overlooking the World's of Fun theme park? We witnessed a marvelously elaborate display---befitting the the Bi-Centennial Year celebration. And then the most extraordinary thing happened, just as it was finishing. Where we were situated, we had been able to observe (from afar) the highly publicized Kansas City Missouri fireworks program at Riverfront Park, as well. Suddenly, "The Big One" was sent up. It streaked up and up, seemingly forever, then burst forth and literally seemed to fill the sky--first in one color, then another and another and finally a fourth. Each of these colors seemed to hang in the night sky for endless seconds of time. Then the sound waves reached us, washed over us and rolled on. It was WONDER-filled.

Both these experiences are strong contenders for Best-ever honors---really great ways to wrap up fun-filled Fourths. But for Pure Patriotic Fervor it would be really hard to beat our absolutely incomparable opportunity to sit on the back veranda of the Nation's Capitol and watch the impressive barrage of light and sound down the length of the Mall with the Washington Monument as a stirring backdrop to this awe inspiring scene.

I had to pinch myself to believe I wasn't dreaming that we were really sitting on this spot, (closed to the general public) right there at the seat of our government. It was thanks to our sister, who worked in the Capitol Building and could gain us admittance to this marvelous observation point. What a beautiful city the United States has as it's Capital. It was a wonderful trip and this night was one of it's very brightest highlights and the "hands-down winner" of the best fireworks display I have (personally) witnessed.



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        Our Military has been given new challenges within the last three + years.   Click on the above picture for a tribute page to the brave men and women of the United States serving in the Middle East.

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March 29, 2001

I was contacted by  The Team and given this award.  It is an honor that was quite unexpected and was totally unsolicited by me.  Since they did not specify what pages within my site had caught their eye, I am placing the award on my Independence Day pages.   Thank you, Team for this award.  I display it with pride.

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