Easter is a season of renewal........


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            Easter IS "Spring Personified".    New beginnings..... New growth  .....Tangible proof of God's Love for Us and for His World.  

            Easter is a time of Great Joy for all Christians.  It Proves what our Bible lessons have been telling us.   That God Loves us so Selflessly that He will give us, first, the Death of His Son and then Jesus' Resurrection to Perfect Life in order to serve as a Promise to us that we, too, can hope for life after death, if we but follow His Plan for our lives.


            I have such anticipation flowing out at Easter.  Winter has once again been endured and is now behind us.   Everywhere my eyes see the green of new life, many shades from pale yellow-green to olive....... gently, tenderly hazing tree branches.  The yellow-gold of the forsythia bushes is extravagant after the brown and buff of winter.  The lawns are growing and greening and tufts of faster growing grass look like natural nests waiting for a visit from the Easter Bunny.  

            Daffodils  nod on waving stems, making me smile more often and feel a happiness and contentment without other reason.  The pink flowered fruit trees and white-flowering Bradford Pear trees glow in the Spring sunshine. crocusbunnys.gif (6394 bytes)
            Spring weather in Missouri can take many forms.  Everyone's favorite though, if you asked them, is gentle, southerly breezes and warming, bright, sunny days.  Mix in enough "April Showers" to wash away Winter griminess and give the burgeoning plants a boost, and you have pretty nearly the Perfect Spring.

            The church choir that I sing in has been working feverishly up to the Easter Vigil service which is the most Holy of Feast Days.  On this night, we, as Christians, cast off the somber mood and mourning feeling of Lent in a beautiful, ritual-enriched service filled with Light.  This is first symbolized by the procession into the church of all the parishioners carrying tapers lit from the kindled Easter Flame.  We all process into the nearly dark sanctuary and then the organ bursts forth with wonderful, glorious, joyous music and the lights all blaze into brilliance in the church illuminating the lovely Easter Season decorations. This, to me, seems to symbolize, in a visual manner, GOD'S Easter Promise to His Children.

            The first impression is of the Purity of white, in the linens at the alter, in the drapes behind the alter, in the abundance of lovely Easter Lilies mixed with many other pots of Spring flowers placed everywhere around the alter, at the side alters and arrayed about the baptismal pool.   And the water is once again burbling at the pool, after having been silent for the past six weeks of Lenten penitence.


Eastercross19.gif (26303 bytes)           The Alter servers begin to light the dozens of white candles in the candelabras and the reflections sparkle off the brass, adding to the brilliance.  The Alleluias once again ring to the rafters as Choir and Congregation celebrate the happy, joyous beauty of this special evening.  Tonight is the night that newly converted members will be baptized and be welcomed into their new faith community.  How wonderful for them and for us.

Alleluia, Christ is Risen!

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