Giddy Moonlight Poetry
by Carol Abbott, July, 2001
Too tired to sleep
I slip out of bed.
Moonlight floods the room
Thoughts race round my head.

I shrug into a robe
and put on my slippers.
I'm gonna go outside
and Look for the Big Dipper.

I love the night
It's when I feel most at ease.
I'm a moonlight kind of girl,
My hair ruffled by a breeze.

It's just a little cool.
I'm glad I donned my robe.
Chilly, white moon beams
shining down upon my home.

The crickets in the backyard
are chirping up a din.
Far off, a train's whistle
moans upon the wind.

The stars light seems brighter
as I tip my face to the sky,
And I gasp with the beauty
of their twinkling filling my eyes.

The Milky Way seems like a magic carpet
ready for a Giant to Ride,
While the Moon's face smiles down on me
with proprietary Pride.

I pull up a garden chaise
and lie back to enjoy the show.
The stars spinning round as the Earth revolves
as always, it is so.

They seem so close,
I know their distances are so far
as to be nearly unimaginable.
The mysteries of our universe,
to me are mostly unfathomable.

I'm just as small as a speck of cosmic dust
in the total scheme of things.
And yet as I lie quite still
I feel as though I am the center of this swirling ring

Of stars and moons and comet trails
and thousands of blazing suns.
In my mind I travel the whole of the universe
and will until time is done.



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