The Endless Siren Song
                                                            . . . . . by Carol Abbottİ 2003

The Stars twinkle down

and I have a question,

As I stare into the dark, night sky.

Is the Earth on which I stand

as firm as I think?

Or does terra firma threaten to pitch me

Over the brink?

So Many Questions, so many lies...

Offered as Fact. As Truth -- even as I try.

I get tired of being filter, never being able to believe what I hear.

Be a skeptic or risk being crushed. It seems to get worse every year.

Beauty is fleeting....or, at least that's what many say.

The eye of the beholder should not be discounted away.

For what each finds most pleasing is surprisingly diverse.

Letting another chose my path, could prove a type of curse.

It is my right - my obligation - to chose the life I will lead.

Now I am desperate to be carried away.

Away from all knowing...all fear and all greed.

Only taking with me, just what I need.

Need is really different than having a 'want'.

Now we all pay, for what we have wrought.

'Wants' are what got the world into this mess.

How we can extract ourselves is anyone's guess.


A Great word ... filled with promises of Glory.

But can any of us wait around for the end of the story?

Every one has an 'angle', a 'pitch', a 'plan'.

Hard to choose and not lose yourself as you scan

what IS the Truth? What will it be?

No way of knowing. "Trust Me". "NO, trust ME".

On and on it goes, until my confusion gives way to doubt.

And finally, I realize what this world is about.

It's all about 'selling' and shilling, conniving and 'convincing'.

Has little to do with what is right or with really needing.

It's about where it can get those who lead.

It's Only with the hucksters who greed.

We can't all be leaders... and if we are not, we are sheep

following closely, and told when to leap.

'Buy this', 'vote for me', 'believe what I say', 'I am Right, don't you see?'

No more indigestion, your hair will grow back, make more money

Learn a new trade that will have your friends turning green!

Whiter teeth, fresher breath, smarter kids, on and on...

'You're a winner!' 'Congratulations!' we have all heard this song...

The baggage is endless. The pitch never stops.

If you want it...they've got it ... to fill you up 'til you pop.

Have... or... Have Not

The world is all the same.

Someone has it, others want it.

Greed is the (real) name of the game.

It's hard not to buy the verbiage, much easier to acquiesce.

Be a good little consumer and strive to do your best

to drive the car, buy the house and get the latest electronic gear.

'No payments until three years from now' is music to our ears.

Don't concern yourself that last year's model was serving all your needs.

It's "Wants" we must concern ourselves with.

That's what really drives the greed.

I'm tired of the competing, want to jump out of this life.

The Rat Race gets old and too filled with strife.

I want to make it simple, pare down to the bone.

But I'm fearful of trying. I'd be so alone.

So I look for a key that can open the door

to a Simpler Life. One where less IS more.

Until then, I try little steps to make some sense in My life.

Cherish small victories of selflessness and doing what feels right.

I turn inward when I hear the siren call of buy, and sell and do...

I remind myself I have enough, don't need to play the fool....

For other's pride, greed and avarice. It's not a game I'll play.

But most of all, when temptation commands I bow my head and Pray.

Lord, give me the strength to live a life that answers basic needs.

That fills my days with happiness based on love, kindness and good deeds.

Remind me often, that the 'wants' are not so necessary.

I need your guidance in my life to keep to this path

and remain wary. For the temptations of 'want' (not need)

could evermore prevail.

And keep me on the treadmill of rushing to nowhere at full sail.

For a life's journey can be counted as the stars.

Some moments are stellar, some twinkle with the Light.

There will be comets every so often that point to what is bright.

Black holes of despair can overwhelm, if Faith grows dim and blind.

But in the end, we all must acknowledge that we are stuck with the Human Kind.



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